Leading drone solutions provider Carbonix and geospatial analytics company Pointerra join forces to elevate LiDAR data processing in the Australian drone industry.

Perth-based Pointerra (ASX:3DP) has signed a strategic partnership with leading drone solutions provider Carbonix as the two companies look to revolutionise the way the Utilities and Mining sectors in Australia leverage drone technology for enhanced data collection and analytics.

The collaboration aims to integrate Pointerra’s cutting-edge post-flight LiDAR and imagery data processing solution with Carbonix’s autonomous long-range drone platforms. Carbonix specialises in long range and large area aerial surveillance and precision data capture. Capable of over 10 hours flight time and a customisable combined payload capability exceeding 5kg, Carbonix drones are engineered to accommodate challenging mission requirements.

Carbonix works with the most technically advanced ISR, LiDAR and photogrammetry systems and recently launched a Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) capability fitted with both 3D LiDAR and 2D imagery sensors.


Mining focus

Under the terms of the agreement, Carbonix will licence Pointerra’s LiDAR processing solution Pointerra3D to fulfil data processing needs. It will also be made available as a standalone solution for third parties seeking the complete drone package from Carbonix.

Carbonix CEO, Philip van der Burg, said what sets this collaboration apart is the alignment of mutual customers and prospects within the Australian Utilities and Mining sectors.

“By partnering with Pointerra, Carbonix can provide a solution bundle that seamlessly integrates the data captured by our aircraft with Pointerra’s advanced data processing capabilities, to the Utilities and Mining sectors. The solution bundle encompasses three key pillars to delivering valuable insights: data acquisition (by our state-of-the-art drones), execution of operations, and Processing, Analytics and Reporting (PAR) of valuable insights for asset owners,” he said.

“This partnership is not just about technology integration; it’s about synergising our strengths to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. By leveraging both Carbonix and Pointerra’s experience  in the Australian and US mining and power transmission and distribution space, we will unlock exciting opportunities for joint commercial operations that will drive innovation and efficiency.”

Pointerra and Carbonix have also announced their intention to explore strategic opportunities that showcase the immense value of their end-to-end solution as they look to leverage their position as industry leaders in providing a comprehensive and innovative offering to their customers.


Blue Chip Partners

Carbonix announced earlier this year a partnership with Australia’s largest independent aerospace composite manufacturer Quickstep Holdings (ASX:QHL) that will see Carbonix triple its production over the next year.

Quickstep is Australia’s largest independent aerospace composites manufacturer, producing high complexity composite components for customers including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems. Carbonix’s cutting-edge uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) are designed for precise, long-range data capture at scale, leveraging lightweight structures, advanced aerodynamics, and proprietary avionics.

Carbonix long range drones ready for deployment at the company’s workshop in Sydney.

Under the $2.3 million contract, the two companies will jointly develop Carbonix’s next generation Ottano surveillance drone. It follows a $1 million investment Quickstep made in Carbonix back in July 2021.

Quickstep began manufacturing Volanti (Carbonix’s all-electric airframe) in 2022, allowing Carbonix to fulfil an order from Anduril, the US defence tech startup founded by tech entrepreneur Palmer Luckey that recently won a $US1 billion counter-drone contract from the US Special Operations Command.


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