Augmented reality systems could put first responders at the front line of an emergency – even if they’re not there in person.

Communications specialist Mobilicom (ASX:MOB) is testing augmented reality as a new feature of its wireless “mesh” network which connects phone users to each other’s handsets without the need for phone towers.

Augmented reality technology superimposes computer-generated text and images on a user’s view of the real world — usually via a device such as a smart phone.

A trial showed the technology could provide aerial and ground rescue teams with a remote view of a situation in real time. Mobilicom’s MCU-200 communication units were attached to helicopters and ground stations in Sri Lanka as part of a trial.

Now the company hopes it can roll out the technology in other countries.

“The system solution provides an ability for security and rescue forces to handle emergency events and take critical decisions while observing the situation and covering large geographic areas,” Mobilicom told investors.

The Mobilicom unit perched on top of the tower.
One of Mobilicom’s MCU-200 units (atop the tower) being used in the POC trial

“As such events involve multiple elements such as a situation room, mobile command post(, helicopters, ground forces and ground or naval vehicles, Mobilicom’s flexible and mobile technology provides an ideal solution.”

Applications included disaster relief, emergency services, border control and surveillance.

Shares in the company closed flat at 7c on Tuesday.

Mobilicom shares (ASX:MOB) over the past year.
Mobilicom shares (ASX:MOB) over the past year.

The company is also known for its SkyHopper drone solution – software that provides a bi-directional link for drones.

Mobilicom burned through $592,000 last quarter on cash receipts of $669,000.

The business has about $7.5 million in the bank and plans to spend $1.9 million this quarter.