Special report: Advanced materials company First Graphene has received what it believes could the largest single order for the commercial supply of bulk graphene materials to date. 

First Graphene (ASX:FGR) produces high-quality graphene from high-grade Sri Lankan vein graphite. It also develops graphene production methods and is looking to acquire graphene-related intellectual property to add to its portfolio.

Graphene is a promising nanomaterial that can greatly enhance the performance of a wide range of materials used in industry, from something as basic as concrete through to batteries, elastomers, fire retardants paints, and polymers.

And now, mining and industry solution provider newGen has ordered 2,000kg of FGR’s PureGRAPH range products for delivery during 2019.

It is a massive step for the burgeoning graphene industry, with the material now moving rapidly beyond a concept and towards commercialisation.

Stockhead earlier reported that First Graphene had been working with newGen to strengthen mining equipment.

It was shown to extend the wear-life of a full-scale mining reclaimer bucket when incorporated into protective polymer linings.

“Up until now, the graphene sector has been supplying mostly samples for evaluation. This order represents a step change in the business as it starts to scale up for larger size orders,” the company told investors in a statement.

“Pleasingly, the premium price to be received pursuant to the order debunks the myth that graphene is expensive.”

Chasing commercial results

Chief Craig McGuckin said the company had been focusing on chasing commercial results, rather than blowing hot air.

“We said that we were the world’s leading graphene company, and we are now proving it with this sales order – the start of many,” he said.

“We do not believe there is another company which could deliver both the volume and the consistent quality this order requires. We are now entering an exciting growth phase as industries all around the world begin to look at ways in which they can use graphene to improve their products and lower their operating costs”.

And newGen chief Ben Walker was effusive in his praise of the PureGRAPH product range.

“My Company has had considerable interest generated for our new Armour-GRAPH™ range since we started developing PureGRAPH enhanced products with First Graphene,” he said.

“The graphene-enhanced resin was added seamlessly into our mixing procedure. It is not labour intensive or complicated with regard to our standard operating practices.”



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