From crucial medical supplies to retail deliveries, the future for commercial drones is looking bright – and through clever forward planning Elsight has ensured its tech will be part of industry growth.

Commercial drones are starting to find their niche. From making retail deliveries for people who can’t get to the shops to providing crucial medical supplies in remote areas, the industry on a global scale is starting to get off the ground.

Critical connectivity technology companyElsight (ASX:ELS) points to names like DroneUp, Amazon Prime Air, Swoop Aero, Wing, Manna Drones and Flytrex to show drone companies that are operating and continue to expand.

Elsight CEO Yoav Amitai said delivering medical supplies is one area where commercial drones can make a difference.

“We can see even without looking 3-5 years in the future, by looking at companies like Swoop Aero, which is performing thousands of flights across Africa supplying medication, supplies and more, that commercial drones have found this as a niche and are taking advantage of it,” Amitai said.

“Even not in remote areas, we see companies like MissionGo! in the US which are doing medical deliveries.

“There are US hospitals which are partnering with drone companies to effect medical deliveries.”

Amitai expects more emerging partnerships into the future on even a much more expanded level.


Elsight grows as clients grow

Elsight’s Halo platform is the in-house communications platform which delivers fast and secure data transmission and end-to-end connectivity for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Halo helps ensure safe flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

The company has landed some impressive clients with its ‘Design Win’ strategy, which sees Halo embedded as a critical component in drone design by manufacturers.

As their customer’s company grows, or approaches regulators to go through the type-certification process, the Halo will remain onboard.

The Elsight platform will be such a crucial aspect of the drone design that switching out to a new connectivity solution not only becomes less than ideal but prohibitively expensive and causes time delays.

Furthermore, Elsight has taken an agnostic approach in terms of manufacturers and companies it works alongside and is not limited to any specific company or elements of the industry.

It can work with all different facets of the drone industry from inspections, deliveries, border patrols, medical shipments, utilities, nuclear power plants, oil and gas, and more.

“Our advantage in being agnostic is that we are not limited by use cases or operational objectives, we are equally comfortable working drone deliveries or refinery inspections, homeland security or with utility companies,” Amitai said.

“This means that when looking to the future, we make it incredibly easy for our design partners not only to use Halo for all their connectivity needs, but also to branch out to other areas without needing to concern themselves with a connectivity solution for the new scenario.”


Winning contracts

Earlier this month Elsight announced a commercial partnership with Spright, a subsidiary of privately-owned Air Methods Corporation, a leading provider of airborne medical services in North America.

The primary focus of Air Methods is its air medical division, which provides emergency services to more than 100,000 patients annually across 48 states in the US.

Spright created to help solve many of the toughest time sensitive challenges facing health services for communities across the US.

Elsight is supplying its Halo tech to DroneUp, which has partnered with Walmart to enable households in six US states to get groceries and supplies delivered by flying, remote-controlled drones by the end of 2022.

The company has also landed a deal with Brazilian company Speedbird Aero for controlling its parcel delivery drones BVLOS.


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