• Drone specialist Elsight receives first Type Certification from the US FAA
  • Bluechiip outlines its strategy
  • X2M Connect nabs $1.6 million contract in South Korea


Security tech provider Elsight (ASX:ELS) jumped 20% this morning after announcing that the Halo-enabled Airobotics Optimus-1EX drone has been granted Type Certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Optimus-1EX has now become the first and only non-air carrier drone in the world to have been granted the FAA Type Certification.

The grant will allow the drone to fly over people and infrastructure without the need for case-by-case waivers.

The certification also verifies compliance of the drone system’s design with the FAA airworthiness and noise standards, ensuring safe operation within the National Airspace System (NAS).

Elsight says this certification will significantly broaden the range of operational scenarios and scale up operations for automated Uncrewed Aircrafts (UAs).

This certification was achieved after four years hard work by Elsight and US-based Airobotics, and intensive engineering and operational review processes conducted by the FAA.

“After a long profound process done with the FAA and many of our partners, we are thrilled to announce that our OPTIMUS 1-EX drone has met all of the specific airworthiness and noise standards set by the FAA,” said Meir Kliner, CEO of Airobotics.


Airobotics’ Optimus-1EX drone chosen ahead of others

The FAA Type Certificates (TC) hold significant importance and value in the aviation industry, being a mandatory prerequisite for all manned aircraft.

Since the FAA began offering TC for Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) in 2019, many drone companies have initiated this process.

Airobotics, focused on data capturing in urban environments, stands as the first to achieve it among numerous companies pursuing the TC.

The company’s Optimus System is said to be among the most mature automated drone platforms in the market in terms of proven reliability and safety.

“We are proud that Airobotics has chosen the Elsight Halo as their connectivity solution,” says Elsight CEO, Yoav Amitai.

“Their completion of the Type Certification with the Halo onboard is a vote of confidence in Elsight and in the Halo, and we expect many more to come.”


Bluechiip is confident about its pipeline

Bluechiip (ASX:BCT) also jumped 11% this morning after providing a bit of update on its strategy.

The company said it has entered FY24 with a significant amount of momentum and optimism given the positive trends of the FY23 year.

Strategies implemented in FY22 has now resulted in rising sales and, importantly, repeat orders.

Quarterly repeat revenue has risen 25-fold from March 2022 to today.

In addition, Bluechiip’s tracking solution is now installed in a Big Pharma laboratory in Europe, and further Big Pharma groups in the US are expected to sign with Bluechiip by the end of calendar 2023.

Bluechiip says it has targeted a very sizeable market and has a significant level of engagement with the world’s 20 leading Big Pharma companies.

“No other company has been able to achieve these milestones, coupling temperature with identification at the sample level in the $1B+ global market in which we operate,” the company noted.

Bluechiip’s patented Advanced Sample Management Solution provides sample temperature with ID in cryogenic environments in stem cells, blood, eggs, sperm and other biospecimens.


X2M nabs yet another contract in South Korea

X2M Connect (ASX:X2M) meanwhile has secured a $1.6 million remote water metering contract in South Korea.

This contract was signed with Dangjin, the fifth order X2M has received from the South Korean city. X2M’s technology is expected serve 10,000 households in the city.

The SaaS and maintenance revenue is approximately $0.07 million, and the hardware/installation is $1.55 million.

The installation of the household devices is due for completion by February 2024.


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