ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX:CPV) has signed a deal with a leading ‘tiny home’ company in Scandinavia to implement its tech in windows.

The agreement with Attefallshus AB will involve the implementation of CPV’s integrated solar photovoltaic technology within the windows in ‘tiny homes’ — homes that have less than 30 sq.m in floor size.

The tiny home movement originated in Scandinavia, but has spread to other parts of the globe — appealing to homeowners who are conscious about their environmental footprint.

CPV’s solar window products will be integrated into the windows of Attefallshus’ new tiny home builds as an optional extra.

Given traditional solar PV takes up a lot of rooftop space, integrating solar into the home itself frees up a lot more floor space for the enterprising home owner.

“Micro homes…have limited space for traditional roof-based solar PV especially as many micro-home designs will often incorporate a rooftop terrace including many of our designs — surface real estate for PV being at an absolute premium,” Attefallshus CEO Niklas Madden said.

The deal is an exclusive one for new builds in the Scandinavian market, although homes built outside Scandinavia are also up for discussion.

As Madden points out, the deal makes sense as tiny homes don’t require a lot of energy — but the ability to have the power supply integrated into the home instead of bolted on could mean a reduction in construction time.

CPV’s windows are also double and triple-glazed — an essential for Scandinavian conditions.

While it’s likely the deal isn’t a huge one for CPV (pun most definitely intended), it is the company’s first foray into the Scandinavian market — with the tiny home deal possibly paving the way for deals with traditional home suppliers.