• Saildrone has sent a robot into the eye of a hurricane to collect critical data
  • K2Fly nabs a $1.2 million software development services contract with Fortescue
  • Archer achieves an electrically controllable conducting circuit for its 12CQ quantum chip


A collaboration between the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Saildrone, a company that develops, uh, sailing drones, just sent a robot into the eye of Hurricane Fiona to see what it looks like from the inside.

The idea is to also improve our understanding of how hurricanes intensify into dangerous storms with gale force winds and deadly flooding.

Footage from Saildrone Explorer SD 1078 shows the robot battling 16m waves and winds measured over 160km/h and tbh it’s hard not to feel sick watching it.

“Saildrone is once again demonstrating its ability to provide critical ocean data in the most extreme weather conditions,” founder and CEO Richard Jenkins said.

“Hurricane Fiona intensified from a tropical storm to a Category 1 hurricane just before hitting Puerto Rico, causing significant damage and loss of life.

“The data Saildrone vehicles are gathering will help the science community better understand rapid intensification, giving people living in our coastal communities more time to prepare.”

SD 1078 is one of seven “hurricane” saildrones that have been operating in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico during this hurricane season, gathering data to help understand the physical processes of hurricanes. 

NOAA also has underwater gliders, surface drifters, profiling floats, and aerial assets to gather an array of operational weather observations that are essential to hurricane forecasts.


Who’s got tech news out today?



ESG software platform K2fly have received a software development services order for  the Fortescue Metals Group (ASX:FMG), with a Total Contract Value (TCV) of $1.2m.

“Fortescue are using a number of our platform solutions and in addition, have engaged us for software development services in other areas of their business,” CEO Nic Pollock said.

“These services are additional one-off revenues for K2fly and are also generated from time to time with other K2fly clients.”

The services are expected to be provider over a period of six months. 



Archer has made a solid step forward in the development of its 12CQ quantum chip technology by nanofabricating devices that electrically integrate its qubit material. 

The integration of the qubit material in an electrically controllable conducting circuit is a fundamental requirement for the operation of the 12CQ chip. 

And the company says the room-temperature on-chip electronic transport in its qubit material supports the potential for practical solutions to quantum-enabled mobile devices. 



The compay has officially launched its JumpySIM mobile network service in Australia, using part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G1 mobile network.

JumpySIM service subscriptions in Australia will include a free Spacetalk app subscription for Kids and Adventurer wearables. 

The company believes the inclusion of a free app subscription with JumpySIM services will significantly simplify and enhance the Spacetalk customer proposition and user experience. 

JumpySIM was launched in the United States in June 2022 and the evidence to date indicates a customer experience enhancement and a high conversion of Spacetalk wearable purchases into JumpySIM subscriptions – estimated to be in excess of 80 per cent to date. 

SPA anticipates that JumpySIM in Australia will generate a marginal additional gross margin in the order of AU$2-3 per user per month, and will reduce churn in recurring app fee subscriptions. 



Tournament and matchmaking platform Mogul Games has executed a six-month agreement with ESM.ONE Inc – a European based company that focuses on the development of technological and managerial solutions in the field of esports – where its tournament tech will be promoted to all ESM’s existing and potential corporate and commercial partners. 

ESM provides some of the world’s most popular and unique analytical services that provide comprehensive metrics for esports broadcasts and live streams. 

By partnering with ESM, tournament players will be able to interact and engage in both amateur and professional tournaments, and Mogul expects that scaling will be efficiently and quickly achieved as users share links to all their contacts to participate in esports tournaments. 

The parties have agreed that all revenue generated from the joint project, including but not limited to memberships, subscriptions, advertising, sponsorship, and e-commerce, will be distributed on a 50/50 basis. 


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