• Supersaturated brine sampled at Green River was drilled to a depth of 3,416.81m and continued to flow into the tubing
  • The flow of supersaturated brine confirms Anson’s expectations that Green River will be the location of its second lithium project in Utah
  • 400 barrels have been transferred to a Frac tank at the Sample Demonstration plant (SDP) for processing


Special report: Supersaturated brine sampled at Anson Resources’ Green River project reinforces expectations it could pave the way for a lithium producing asset in Utah.

Anson Resources’ (ASX:ASN) Green River lithium project holds target clastic zones geologically similar to those at its flagship Paradox project, ~50km away in Utah.

These clastic zones contribute 406,000t of contained lithium carbonate equivalent to the total resource of 1.5Mt contained LCE at Paradox, boasting a potentially lucrative development opportunity for ASN and the Green River project.

ASN intends to develop the site into a significant lithium producing operation, with work so far demonstrating the lithium-rich brines could flow to the surface naturally.

This would potentially reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for mechanical pumping to extract brines from depth.


Samples to be used for ongoing testing

The supersaturated brine, weighing 9.5 lb/g, was drilled to a depth of 3,416.81m and continued to flow into the well up to 183m from surface after a continued sampling period.

ASN says the brine flowed into the tubing without “breaking down” the formation, indicating high pressure and porosity.


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Sampling the brine. Pic: Anson Resources


Bulk samples were stored in a 400-gallon frac tank and IBC containers, and will be used for continued process testing and metallurgical test work.

Samples collected will be sent to a certified laboratory in Texas, experienced in oil field brines and will be assayed for lithium, iodine, bromine, boron, and other minerals.

A large volume, 400-barrel tank, was also collected and stored at the Sample Demonstration Plant (SDP) for on-going process test work.


What’s next?

ASN says the well will be left open to enable the extraction of additional brine for on-going processing at the SDP, should that be required.

The SDP is fully commissioned and has both the lithium extraction capability as well as downstream purification.

It is capable of operating 24/7 and producing a high purity lithium carbonate product as samples for potential off-take partners.



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