• Anson’s Green River project moves further along the development pathway with approval from the State of Utah to extract water (brine)
  • This approval permits the non-consumptive use of brine at a rate of 0.54 cubic meters per second
  • The review determined that water resources will not be negatively impacted


Special report: The approval, the first to be received by Anson relating to the production of lithium from brine at Green River, permits the non-consumptive use of brine at a rate of 0.54 cubic meters per second.

Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) has been working its way towards developing the site at Green River, ~50km from the flagship Paradox project in Utah, into a significant lithium producing operation.

Recent work includes the successful extraction of brine from Green River’s Mississippian Units (>255.55m thick) and continued to flow into the tubing after a sampling period without the need of “breaking down” the formation.

This indicated high pressure and porosity – two key things that assists with extraction – and further confirmed Anson’s expectations that Green River is the site of its next lithium project.


Green light to extract brine

While the company works through the approval process with the State of Utah on several permit applications, it has now received the green light to appropriate water (brine) for the extraction of lithium at Green River.

The approval permits the non-consumptive use of 0.54 cubic meters per second to be used for the processing of the brine through a lithium extraction process which is then returned to the geological formation from which it is extracted.


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Green River’s proposed extraction and disposal wells. Pic: Anson Resources


It was determined by the Division that the water was unappropriated and that there were no existing water rights established at this source for the drawing of brine water.

The Division also said the withdrawal of brine water at a depth will not impair existing rights or interfere with a more beneficial use of water and will not negatively affect water supply.


‘Moving quickly through permitting’

“This approval is significant as it is the first granted to the company by the State of Utah for the processing of brine for lithium extraction at Green River,” ASN executive chairman and CEO Bruce Richardson said.

“We are moving quickly through the government permitting application process which is aided by the acquisition of private land at Green River.

“The planned extraction wells are to be located on that land, a brownfields site where there has already been surface disturbance,” he added.

“Importantly, the Department of Natural Resources acknowledged that there was no connection between the brine that Anson intends to extract and surface waters including rivers and ground water systems.

“The Department also confirmed our process to extract lithium and return the waste brine to the Paradox Formation is a non-consumptive process, unlike evaporation ponds.

“This process has less impact upon the environment, which is one of our key objectives.”


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Green River development continues

The Green River project continues to develop at a rapid pace with the recent completion of the Boysdaba #1 well and the commissioning of a sample demonstration plant.

Anson says it will continue to push forward with the development of Green River to deliver increased shareholder value.



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