Each week our High Voltage column wraps all the news driving ASX battery metals stocks with exposure to lithium, cobalt, graphite, manganese and vanadium.

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Following in Tesla’s footsteps, German car giant Volkswagen has said it now wants to build a lithium-ion battery megafactory.

Volkswagen is now “publicly warming to the idea of their own captive lithium ion battery supply”, battery metal price analyst Benchmark Mineral Intelligence said.

“The sheer scale and speed of its pure EV plans – vehicles that are 100 per cent battery powered – means it is likely battery producers will not be able to keep pace with the world’s leading auto producer.

“Another critical point is that VW will need tier one lithium ion battery suppliers. The auto industry has struggled to secure the necessary volumes of tier one cells from the highest quality production needed for the unforgiving demands of an electric vehicle.”

VW announced last week it had inked an MoU to secure long-term lithium supplies from China’s Ganfeng.

The carmaker plans to launch more than 70 new EV models in the next 10 years, which equates to about a quarter of the vehicles VW will make and deliver by 2025.

Dr Stefan Sommer, group board member for components and procurement at VW, said this means there will be a “rapid increase” in the company’s raw material demand for cell production in the coming years.

“We must make sure we cover this demand at an early stage. Long-term agreements like the one for lithium, a key raw material, that we have just concluded with Ganfeng are therefore of crucial strategic significance for implementing our electric offensive.”

VW has upped its target from 15 million EVs to more than 22 million EVs in the next decade.

Benchmark says that to meet its new target VW will require significant battery cell production – about 1,500 gigawatt hours of battery cells.

Meanwhile, American car giant Tesla is speeding up works at its gigafactory in China, which is expected to be operational by the end of this year.

But Benchmark isn’t expecting lithium-ion battery production to start for at least another 18 months to two years and Tesla is still seeking a battery partner for the facility.

Tesla’s new Model Y EV will be built in the factory in Shanghai.


Of the battery metals players on our list, 83 advanced this week, 49 remained steady, 61 lost ground and one remained suspended.

Cougar Metals (ASX:CGM) is the top mover for the week with a doubling of its share price to 0.1c, but on no news.

The company has a lithium project in Brazil and nickel and cobalt project in Western Australia.

In late March, Cougar Metals decided not to go ahead with a deal to earn an interest in a cobalt project in Chile because of the recent decline in the cobalt price.

Canada’s First Cobalt (ASX:FCC) raised $1.6m last week to fund work on its cobalt refinery in Ontario.

The company is investigating a potential restart of the 2,000-tonne-per-annum refinery.

Its share price rose 25 per cent over the course of the week to 20c on Monday.

At the other end of the scale, Metals Australia (ASX:MLS) lost the most ground with an over 33 per cent slide to 0.2c.

Last week the company started its first diamond drilling program at the Lac Rainy graphite site in Canada.

Taruga Minerals (ASX:TAR) dipped nearly 30 per cent to 5c over the past week.

The cobalt explorer is facing delays in securing a new licence for its projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) due to the recent election.

Taruga said there had been no recent high-level government appointments… besides that of the President in the December election.

Here’s a table of ASX battery metal stocks with exposure to lithium, cobalt, graphite, manganese and vanadium:

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ASX CodeCompanyMarket CapPrice Intra-day April 81-Week % Change1-Year % Change
CGM COUGAR METALS 2130944.250.002100-85.7143
IEC INTRA ENERGY CORP 96931010.03456.25257.1429
DHR DARK HORSE RESOURCES 118565200.00750-33.3333
ENT ENTERPRISE METALS 46567530.01250-53.8462
SCI SILVER CITY MINERALS 3230812.750.01237.5-65.625
EUC EUROPEAN COBALT 205658280.02435-88.9796
AZI ALTA ZINC 54758630.00333.3333-68.6411
CMC CHINA MAGNESIUM CORP 184975420.0433.333360
LI3 LITHIUM CONSOLIDATED 90822120.128.2051-55.5556
MZZ MATADOR MINING LIMITED134708340.27528.2051-3.8462
GLN GALAN LITHIUM 367566400.32527.451364.2857
SYR SYRAH RESOURCES 4665254401.322527.23-63.079
KTA KRAKATOA RESOURCES 29375000.02525-44.4444
SBR SABRE RESOURCES 20348680.004525-50
ARU ARAFURA RESOURCES 468912040.06522.6415-32.6389
OAR OAKDALERESOURCES 3542041.250.01721.4286-60.4651
WKT WALKABOUT RESOURCES 532437040.1820.6897103.4884
KLH KALIA 75430420.00320-78.5714
JRL JINDALEE RESOURCES 108483800.3119.230829.1667
GPX GRAPHEX MINING 218300300.2419.0476-10.7143
SVD SCANDIVANADIUM 4574259.50.01318.1818-48.6842
PSC PROSPECT RESOURCES 409223000.0217.647-62.963
RTR RUMBLE RESOURCES 219585600.06317.3077-24.6914
AUT AUTECO MINERALS 6317252.50.00616.6667-12.5
POW PROTEAN ENERGY 4360121.50.01316.6667-53.3333
TKM TREK METALS 2186125.250.00716.6667-80.5556
MXR MAXIMUS RESOURCES 2361295.250.08516.4179-66.087
ORE OROCOBRE 9702874243.8615.2174-37.7033
OKR OKAPI RESOURCES 66968590.19514.7059-52.439
PLL PIEDMONT LITHIUM 837975440.1313.6364-41.8605
LKE LAKE RESOURCES 216516320.05913.4615-68.9474
SYA SAYONA MINING 292614200.01713.3333-43.3333
AUZ AUSTRALIAN MINES 809013920.02612.5-80
HMX HAMMER METALS 84860210.02612.5-30.7692
LPD LEPIDICO 973290800.02911.5385-19.4444
KAI KAIROS MINERALS 170454560.0211.1111-83.3333
JRV JERVOIS MINING 591646920.25510.4167-45.9184
CZR COZIRON RESOURCES 196410640.01110-65.625
EMH EUROPEAN METALS HLDS LT-CDI483919360.3410-59.7561
MNS MAGNIS ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES L1711180800.279.8039-42.268
AMD ARROW MINERALS 3774487.250.0129.0909-83.3333
ERX EXORE RESOURCES 409677280.0928.64229.4118
MIN MINERAL RESOURCES 312779289616.8558.2628-7.5556
CZI CASSINI RESOURCES 362782440.1058.24748.2474
TON TRITON MINERALS 407940680.0437.3171-39.4495
AXE ARCHER EXPLORATION 144013930.0737.1429-53.125
ARM AURORA MINERALS 1756999.250.0157.1429-61.5385
COB COBALT BLUE HOLDINGS 186890300.1457.1429-47.3684
ESR ESTRELLA RESOURCES 7955749.50.0147.1429-46.4286
PIO PIONEER RESOURCES 226113780.0157.1429-60.5263
PM1 PURE MINERALS 47156860.0147.1429-40
CNJ CONICO 56281320.0156.6667-65.2174
VML VITAL METALS 139408900.0076.666714.2857
BAR BARRA RESOURCES 177833940.0316.4516-44.0678
ARE ARGONAUT RESOURCES 264244700.0176.25-32
GED GOLDEN DEEPS 5998327.50.0396.0606-18.6047
RNU RENASCOR RESOURCES 207616380.0185.8823-48.5714
WML WOOMERA MINING 41700640.0375.7143-96.3
KSN KINGSTON RESOURCES 244639680.025.26320
PAN PANORAMIC RESOURCES 2059252000.415.1948-10.2394
GXY GALAXY RESOURCES 7885589761.94255.163-50.2571
AVZ AVZ MINERALS 936111360.0425.1282-85.3571
ZNC ZENITH MINERALS 134040140.0635-59.3548
RIO RIO TINTO 145184358400101.014.914436.9568
LTR LIONTOWN RESOURCES 332372740.0224.7619-3.5826
VMS VENTURE MINERALS 114534640.0224.7619-24.1379
VRC VOLT RESOURCES 320205200.0214.76190
BSM BASS METALS 336704960.0124.3478-36.8421
PLS PILBARA MINERALS 13493460480.7354.2857-28.7805
AML AEON METALS 1682674240.2354.16676.383
S32 SOUTH32 192453017603.883.804313.6905
HXG HEXAGON RESOURCES 423085920.1453.5714-21.6216
AUR AURIS MINERALS 122604400.0283.4483-55.2239
FGR FIRST GRAPHENE 723938240.182.941266.6667
CLA CELSIUS RESOURCES 136299250.0172.8571-78.8235
KOR KORAB RESOURCES 123542390.042.564133.3333
KDR KIDMAN RESOURCES 4979008001.2952.5-25
POS POSEIDON NICKEL 1109934800.0422.439-8.6957
NMT NEOMETALS 1251140800.2252.2222-52.5773
CXO CORE LITHIUM 381956680.0561.8518-15.3846
BKT BLACK ROCK MINING 386463560.0671.53856.4516
AYR ALLOY RESOURCES 47312330.0030-70
AJM ALTURA MINING 2763101120.130-70.1149
ADN ANDROMEDA METALS 67774960.00550-54.5454
ASN ANSON RESOURCES 343870000.0720-55.4839
ARL ARDEA RESOURCES 488268960.460-76.8844
ADV ARDIDEN 58690810.00350-79.4118
AEE AURA ENERGY 135637150.0120-52
ANW AUS TIN MINING 278343900.014055.5556
AVL AUSTRALIAN VANADIUM 394768760.02105.2632
BDI BLINA MINERALS 4543882.50.0010-50
BOA BOADICEA RESOURCES 105690340.205042.8571
BYH BRYAH RESOURCES 40769580.0670-64.7368
CAD CAENEUS MINERALS 186196440.0010-66.6667
CDT CASTLE MINERALS 1566571.8750.0070-86.5385
CLQ CLEAN TEQ HOLDINGS 2238978080.330-81.0127
CHK COHIBA MINERALS 79753710.011050
CGN CRATER GOLD MINING 147299500.0130-7.6923
DTM DART MINING 55682570.0060-12.0879
DGR DGR GLOBAL 858454640.135040
4CE FORCE COMMODITIES 4245158.50.0090-83.0508
GPP GREENPOWER ENERGY 46961110.0030-86.3636
HNR HANNANS 198795460.0110-47.3684
HGM HIGH GRADE METALS 36235030.0080-75
HIG HIGHLANDS PACIFIC 1147370560.10750-4.5455
INF INFINITY LITHIUM CORP 154038590.0830-59.5
K KIBARAN RESOURCES 296027520.1050-36.3636
LCD LATITUDE CONSOLIDATED 44028640.0160-42.8571
MLM METALLICA MINERALS 7439290.50.0220-55.7692
MTC METALSTECH 2339077.750.020-93.6508
MEI METEORIC RESOURCES 79974690.01250-83.5616
MRR MINREX RESOURCES 1150532.750.0120-88.5714
MTB MOUNT BURGESS MINING 1355638.1250.0030-66.6667
NWC NEW WORLD COBALT 60666940.0120-92.4138
NZC NZURI COPPER 902511760.31045.2381
ORN ORION MINERALS 562120040.0300
PMY PACIFICO MINERALS 98786280.0060-14.2857
PSM PENINSULA MINES 3451488.250.0040-80.9524
PNN PEPINNINI LITHIUM 2456023.250.0030-91.7105
PGM PLATINA RESOURCES 169040800.0670-73.3333
RMX RED MOUNTAIN MINING 38901840.00550-79.1667
SI6 SIX SIGMA METALS 1372509.50.0030-75
SRN SUREFIRE RESOURCES 1321960.8750.0030-82.5
TNO TANDO RESOURCES 193837080.1012.6829
TRT TODD RIVER RESOURCES 112071700.0740-34.3652
TKL TRAKA RESOURCES 4638494.50.0140-70.8333
VMC VENUS METALS CORP 154894970.17036
WCN WHITE CLIFF MINERALS 2822081.250.0060-93.5661
SO4 SALT LAKE POTASH 1186055840.58-0.86218.4906
LIT LITHIUM AUSTRALIA 377707800.081-1.2195-66.9388
BSX BLACKSTONE MINERALS 88641770.078-1.25-83.8776
AOU AUROCH MINERALS 6030212.50.06-1.6393-73.913
AML ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA GLOBAL23151413761015.4-1.6657
OMH OM HOLDINGS 9085066881.245-1.992151.0204
AGY ARGOSY MINERALS 963777040.093-2.0619-58.5724
GWR GWR GROUP 240841560.095-2.06192.1505
DEG DE GREY MINING 397766440.094-2.0833-74.2466
E25 ELEMENT 25 146937610.17-2.7778-35.1852
INR IONEER 2507472000.1725-2.8571-19.0476
BGS BIRIMIAN 409990680.16-3.125-60.7595
CRL COMET RESOURCES 69585000.03-3.2258-63.8554
HAV HAVILAH RESOURCES 305548680.145-3.4483-39.1304
CAZ CAZALY RESOURCES 6283657.50.024-4-40
IRC INTERMIN RESOURCES 282466160.13-4-7.6923
EME ENERGY METALS 241135800.115-4.166721.0526
IDA INDIANA RESOURCES 4875764.50.046-4.1667-44.6419
VXR VENTUREX RESOURCES 601489680.245-4.4444-40.2778
A4N ALPHA HPA 595455000.11-4.54558.2812
HWK HAWKSTONE MINING 96954060.017-5.5555-32
TNG TNG 818947360.085-5.5556-45.1613
JMS JUPITER MINES 6464670720.335-5.7143307.4074
FEL FE 5773169.50.016-6.25-28.5714
SGQ ST GEORGE MINING 447174320.15-6.2525
SVM SOVEREIGN METALS 316160840.076-6.383-26.6667
BDC BARDOC GOLD 464440520.042-6.6667-66.0571
BMT BERKUT MINERALS 76043330.145-6.6667-59.4203
NVA NOVA MINERALS 108378780.015-6.6667-12.5
NXE NEW ENERGY MINERALS 40741770.027-6.8965-93.1933
CUL CULLEN RESOURCES 2203042.750.013-7.1429-58.2887
N27 NORTHERN COBALT 3497871.50.065-7.1429-87.5
RDS REDSTONE RESOURCES 5687571.50.012-7.6923-10.9462
TLG TALGA RESOURCES 1310738720.595-7.692312.1495
BAU BAUXITE RESOURCES 117932280.056-8.3333-30.3798
BUX BUXTON RESOURCES 142858200.105-8.69575
BAT BATTERY MINERALS 311828040.026-9.6774-63.6364
BPL BROKEN HILL PROSPECTING 2661901.250.019-10-66.0377
RIE RIEDEL RESOURCES 3762627.250.009-10-85.4839
MQR MARQUEE RESOURCES LIMITED1838004.250.043-10.4167-82.8
TMT TECHNOLOGY METALS AUSTRALIA183863760.195-10.6383-10.6383
EUR EUROPEAN LITHIUM 676304800.105-11.1111126.4151
MZN MARINDI METALS 7939035.50.005-11.1111-63.2323
SRK STRIKE RESOURCES 109000700.077-11.764756.25
THR THOR MINING PLC-CDI122543900.015-11.7647-46.4286
CZN CORAZON MINING 4428491.50.004-12.5-82.5
GBE GLOBE METALS AND MINING 65229130.014-12.5-12.5
PUR PURSUIT MINERALS 37490740.022-12.5-83.2
LML LINCOLN MINERALS 34499020.006-14.2857-85
MTH MITHRIL RESOURCES 2534335.250.006-14.2857-78.3606
CHN CHALICE GOLD MINES 346538560.13-16.129-36.5854
MCT METALICITY 6024637.50.01-16.6667-73.6842
SXX SOUTHERN CROSS EXPLORATION53842160.005-16.6667-37.5
OAU ORA GOLD 51687670.007-20-63.6364
RLC REEDY LAGOON CORP 1609086.8750.004-20-87.0613
DEV DEVEX RESOURCES 3493725.750.046-20.8333-71.0953
GME GME RESOURCES 284462740.059-21.3333-66.085
LRS LATIN RESOURCES 48956300.0015-25-81.25
TAR TARUGA MINERALS 6352525.50.05-29.6875-48.2759
MLS METALS AUSTRALIA 5383595.50.002-33.3333-50