• Anson Resources confirms no connectivity exists between its target lithium brine aquifers and shallow aquifers at the Green River project
  • Drilling of Bosydaba-1 to continue towards target Mississippian Units and Clastic Zones
  • Brines from well to flow straight into sample demonstration plant


Special Report: Anson Resources has confirmed no connectivity exists between the deeper, lithium brines in the Clastic Zones and shallow aquifers at its Green River project in Utah.

With cementing of the steel well casing completed to hydraulically seal the small shallow aquifers, Anson Resources (ASX:ASN) will now be able to flow lithium brines from its targets about 7,000ft (2,133.6m) deeper without impacting on the shallow aquifers.

ASN is currently carrying out resource drilling at Green River to define a maiden resource for the 106.2km2 project, which has a large, conceptual exploration target of between 2Bt and 2.6Bt of brines grading 100ppm to 150ppm lithium and 2,000ppm to 3,000ppm bromine.

Work has already indicated the lithium-rich brines could flow to the surface naturally, which would then potentially reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for mechanical pumping to extract brines from depth.


Anson Resources asx ASN
The drill setup at the Bosydaba#1 well site with the Sample Demonstration Plant in the background. Pic via ASN


Drilling continuing to brine targets

Confirmation of no connectivity between the clastic zones and shallow aquifers comes from the “surface” drilling portion of the Bosydaba-1 well that was completed to a depth of 1,500ft before being cased.

Bosydaba-1 is being drilled to a depth of more than 10,000ft to sample the Mississippian Units and Clastic Zones as the first phase of the resource definition program at Green River.

Core will also be collected to assist the assessment of porosity, permeability and other key factors from which ASN plans to confirm a maiden resource at the project.

ASN expects brine from the target formations will be able to flow directly to the sample demonstration plant, which consists of both the direct lithium extraction (DLE) and the downstream purification process.



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