In this week’s recap of substantial holders, a Dubai executive bought into Prospect Resources (ASX: PSC), Salt Funds Management sold $8.3 million of Monash IVF (ASX: MVF) and a tin company raised $20 million to save itself from the ‘three-year suspension’ axe.

Substantial shareholders are shareholders holding 5 per cent or more of a company’s shares and these can be directors, individual investors or institutional investors.

Shareholders are required to announce to the exchange when they cross above or below the 5 per cent threshold and any change in their holdings while they remain above 5 per cent.


Any stocks that have been suspended for three years are removed by the ASX. Consolidated Tin (ASX: CSD) was facing the axe but raised $19.95 million just in the nick of time. Although this was almost their entire market capitalisation pre-suspension, this investment will only give the investors 5.64 per cent.

The investor is a private Hong-Kong domiciled company called Wealth Pointer. Perhaps the Hong Kong protests really are forcing investors to move money out of the territory.

African-focused explorer Prospect Resources (ASX: PSC) is another stock that welcomed an international substantial holder. A Dubai-based company called ‘Lord of Seven Hills Holdings’ bought a 10.98 per cent stake for nearly $4.4 million.

The person behind this company is Guarav Gupta; not the Indian fashion designer, rather the managing director of commodity trader Global Natural.

Vango Mining (ASX: VAN) director Shengqiang Zhou nearly doubled his holdings having bought $5.4 million to take an 8.64 per cent stake.

Late last week, the Woolworths-Marley Spoon (ASX: MMM) partnership became official, with the grocery giant investing $4 million on a 5.52 per cent stake. All up it will invest $30 million, with most of the funds commercial notes.

Among the fund manager trades this week, troubled dental stock Smiles Inclusive (ASX: SIL), raised $1.2 million thanks to 2020 Asset Management buying an 8.71 per cent stake for $861,000. New York based fund manager Bonafide Wealth Management increased its stake in Clean Seas Seafood (ASX: CSS) to 8.8 per cent, buying $642,000 in shares.

Spheria Asset Management increased its stake in Gage Roads Brewing (ASX: GRB), GBST Holdings (ASX: GBT) and Austin Engineering (ASX: ANG). All up Spheria spent $10 million on these three stocks. The latter is most noteworthy because Spheria doubled its stake from 5.12 per cent to 11.22 per cent.

Regal Funds Management bought into Midway (ASX: MWY) with an 8.03 per cent for $10.2 million and topped up its stake in Stanmore Coal (ASX: SMC) by $6.8 million to 10.95 per cent.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Stake Status
Middle Island Resources MDI $5.2M Keogh Super Fund 0.07 Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $26.5M Delphi 0.1696 Increasing
Kin Mining KIN $26.5M Harmanis Holdings - Grant Bayne 0.138 Increasing
TNG TNG $112.5M Sparta AG 0.1014 Becoming
Ovato OVT $45.4M Wentworth Williamson Management 0.0681 Increasing
Amaysim Australia AYS $212.5M Investmentakiengelsellschaft 0.18 Increasing
Prospect Resources PSC $30.7M Lord of Seven Hills Holdings 0.1098 Becoming
Immuron IMC $18.8M Peter Anastasiou 0.1093 Increasing
Intermin Resources IRC $42.4M Orion Mine Finance 0.079 Becoming
Impedimed IPD $43.7M Kinetic Investment Partners 0.0556 Becoming
Osprey Medical OSP $38.0M Kinetic Investment Partners 0.055 Becoming
Tinybeans TNY $43.8M John McBain 0.0507 Becoming
Australis Oil & Gas ATS $248.4M Kinetic Investment Partners 0.0578 Becoming
Fraser Range Metals FRN $3.5M Futurity Private 0.057 Becoming
Blue Energy BLU $51.7M Greig & Harrison 0.0941 Increasing
Midway MWY $299.3M Regal Funds Management 0.0803 Becoming
Otto Energy OEL $118.1M IOOF 0.1285 Increasing
Urbanise.comUBN $20.5M Australian Ethical Investment 0.0648 Increasing
Renegade Exploration RNX $1.4M Paul Bennett 0.0649 Increasing
Marley Spoon MMM $90.5M Woolworths 0.0552 Becoming
Noni B NBL $287.2M LHC Capital Partners 0.1342 Increasing
Food Revolution Group FOD $50.0M Tao (Norman) Li 0.2737 Increasing
Donaco International DNA $86.5M Vincent Pirina and Mitchell Mansfield 0.08 Becoming
TerraCom TER $238.3M Noble Resources 0.1488 Increasing
Cervantes Corporation CVS Suspended Azolia (Alan Smith Super Fund) 0.1439 Increasing
Stanmore Coal SMR $358.6M Regal Funds Management 0.1095 Increasing
People Infrastructure PPE $238.5M IOOF 0.0893 Increasing
National Veterinary Care NVL $138.7M IOOF 0.131 Increasing
Latin Resources LRS $3.7M Lind Asset Management 0.0911 Increasing
1st Group Ltd 1ST $25.6M Focus Asset Management 0.0791 Increasing
Oakajee Corporation $5.9M Cesare Michael Ceniviva 0.1034 Increasing
Swift Media SW1 $24.7M Schroder Investment Management 0.0552 Becoming
Pacific Energy PEA $277.4M IOOF 0.11 Increasing
Stealth Global Holdings SGI $11.1M IOOF 0.121 Increasing
Clean Seas Seafood CSS $74.3M Bonafide Wealth Mangement 0.088 Increasing
GBST Holdings GBT $183.4M Spheria Asset Management 0.1242 Increasing
Base Resources BSE $276.5M Sustainable Capital 0.1905 Increasing
Factor Therapeutics FTT $4.2M Associates 0.0626 Becoming
Energy Resources of Australia ERA $101.1M Zentree Investments 0.1594 Increasing
Smiles Inclusive SIL $7.7M 2020 Asset Management 0.0871 Becoming
IncentiaPay INP $10.4M Suzerain Investment Holdings 0.1998 Becoming
Healthia HLA $49.7M Glen Richards 0.0792 Increasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $98.5M IOOF 0.0826 Increasing
Gage Roads Brewing GRB $98.5M Spheria Asset Management 0.0877 Increasing
Austin Engineering ANG $101.3M Spheria Asset Management 0.1122 Increasing
Vango Mining VAN $106.8M Shengqiang Zhou 0.0864 Becoming
Consolidated Tin Mines CSD Suspended Wealth Pointer 0.0564 Becoming
Advale Resources ADD $1.1M Perfect Attempt 0.3197 Increasing
Universal Biosensors UBI $37.2M Jencay Capital 0.1172 Increasing
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Auckland-based Salt Funds Management were the most notable seller – selling $8.6 million Monash IVF (ASX: MVF) shares. They are no longer substantial holders but still hold 4.6 per cent.

Sydney-based Candence Asset Management sold $4.4 million in its Noni B (ASX: NBL) stake consequently taking it to only 4.12 per cent.

Other substantial holders completely sold out of their holdings. While a Catholic university in Indiana are investors in Amaysim (ASX: AYS), Challenger are not anymore because it completely sold out. Similarly, Force Commodities sold out of Marquee Resources (ASX: MQR).

Brisbane-headquartered Discovery Asset Management had made few moves in the last months but sold $2.7 million in its Austin Engineering (ASX: ANG) stake taking it to 0.94 per cent. It also decreased its stake in RPMGlobal Holdings (ASX: RUL).

Fidelity reduced its stake in IVE Group (ASX: IVE) to 5.59 per cent by selling $3.6 million.

Altura Mining (ASX: AJM) saw Shaanxi completely sell out. But while some companies may be concerned when a large holder sells out, it welcomed the move. Another Chinese substantial holder, Ningbo Shanshan, a battery materials supplier, bought those shares and it now owns 11.8 per cent.

Company Code Market Cap Holder Current Stake Status
Wellness and Beauty Solutions WNB $4.9M Alium Alpha Fund 0 Ceasing
Whitehawk WHK $16.4M Riverfort Global Opportunities 0.0642 Decreasing
Nick Scali NCK $579.2M Perpetual 0.0846 Decreasing
Aura Energy AEE $13.5M Lind Global Macro Fund 0.0497 Ceasing
Red 5 RED $217.6M Regal Funds Management 0.0704 Decreasing
Amaysim AYS $215.4M Challenger 0 Ceasing
Noni B NBL $287.2M Candence Asset Management 0.0412 Ceasing
Altura Mining AJM $286.9M Shaanxi J&R Optimum Energy 0 Ceasing
IVE Group IVL $299.3M Fidelity 0.0559 Decreasing
Monash IVF MVF $339.5M Salt Funds Management 0.046 Ceasing
Venture Minerals VMS $13.0M Republic Investment Management 0.1337 Decreasing
RPMGlobal Holdings RUL $125.5M Discovery Asset Management 0.0656 Ceasing
Austin Engineering ANG $101.3M Discovery Asset Management 0.0094 Ceasing
Capitol Health CAJ $165.8M Paradice Investment Management 0.0766 Decreasing
IncentiaPay INP $10.4M New Gold Coast Holdings 0 Ceasing
Marquee Resources MQR $4.7M Force Commodities 0 Ceasing
Dacian Gold DCN $127.5M IOOF 0.0594 Decreasing
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