Stockhead’s Top 10 at shortly-before-11-ish, published in a slightly hurried manner this morning because one of my neighbours is being evicted and it’s starting to look a lot like there could be a spot of biffo out in the street – which means, of course, I should pop outside right now or I’ll miss my chance to film it and post it on YouTube, make loads of money, buy a Lambo and promptly get de-platformed after all that stuff I said on Reddit 12 years ago resurfaces.

Top 10 highlights the best (and sometimes worst) performing ASX stocks in morning trade using live, fresh out of the deep-fryer data.

It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every ASX stock has started trading.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
MTH Mithril Resources 0.002 100% 35,390,259 $3,368,804
INP Incentiapay Ltd 0.009 50% 44,000 $7,590,382
KNO Knosys Limited 0.04 25% 50,614 $6,916,438
5EA 5Eadvanced 0.4 21% 553,474 $100,318,937
ME1 Melodiol Glb Health 0.006 20% 88,531 $14,736,602
ROG Red Sky Energy. 0.006 20% 219,250 $26,511,136
TTT Titomic Limited 0.019 19% 20,000 $13,857,507
ELE Elmore Ltd 0.007 17% 71,428 $8,396,303
EXL Elixinol Wellness 0.007 17% 833,000 $3,758,896
NET Netlinkz Limited 0.007 17% 1,092,629 $21,183,170
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Mithril Resources (ASX:MTH) – up on a large volume spike, but no fresh news.

5E Advanced Materials (ASX:5EA) – up on news that the company has been given US EPA approval to conduct step-rate testing under its existing permit.

Kinetiko Energy (ASX:KKO) – up on yesterday’s news that it’s finalised the acquisition of Afro Energy.

Symbio Holdings (ASX:SYM) – up after Superloop (ASX:SLC) delivered an Improved, Best and Final Offer for 100% of Symbio, a 50:50 cash and scrip consideration of $2.85 per share.

White Cliff Minerals (ASX:WCN), Red Sky Energy (ASX:ROG) and IncentiaPay (ASX:INP) – up on no news.



Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).

Code Company Price % Volume Market Cap
CHR Charger Metals 0.145 -24% 1,333,761 $11,801,730
LNU Linius Tech Limited 0.002 -20% 9,814 $10,574,477
TNY Tinybeans Group Ltd 0.12 -17% 825 $12,156,596
PLG Pearlgullironlimited 0.028 -15% 1,661,849 $5,161,736
MKG Mako Gold 0.017 -15% 1,436,258 $11,520,164
88E 88 Energy Ltd 0.006 -14% 2,456,622 $154,830,585
JNO Juno 0.095 -14% 23,524 $14,922,380
KTA Krakatoa Resources 0.02 -13% 618,585 $9,806,661
SSH Sshgroupltd 0.14 -13% 4,000 $10,543,976
BPH BPH Energy Ltd 0.018 -12% 10,044,264 $19,069,828
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Charger Metals (ASX:CHR)Down sharply on news that the company’s found lithium in just 6 of 63 drillholes across seven prospects at the Bynoe Lithium Project in NT.

Pearl Gull Iron (ASX:PLG)  – Down this morning almost as mysteriously as it rose to the top of the charts yesterday.

Mako Gold (ASX:MKG) – Down on drilling results from its Napié Project and Korhogo Project in Côte d’Ivoire, which isn’t excellent.