Good morning everyone, and welcome to Wednesday 11 October – a day of significant infamy, as it marks the 52nd anniversary of the release of John Lennon’s Imagine.

The release of the tune was widely believed to be a Good Thing, but that message of hope and longing for a better planet was doomed, and eventually hijacked by Wonder Woman herself after enduring 6 (six!!!) horrifying, gruelling days in her mansion, self-isolating from Covid.



Tone deaf and tin-eared… What a powerful combo.

But it’s nowhere near as powerful as the combination of dedicated journos here at Stockhead, who once again have put together a smorgasbord of top-notch info to help you get the most from the market today.

That includes Josh Chiat’s work on chasing down Mark Creasy’s iron ore ambitions, and Cam Drummond’s deep dive into what the energy scene is looking like for the African energy producers as well. With a bonus Toto reference.

Sorry Africa, promise it’s absolutely the last one.

And, as always, here’s all the data and digits and bibs and bobs to get your motor running this morning.



Gold: US$1,860.23 (-0.04%)

Silver: US$21.83 (-0.26%)

Nickel (3mth): US$18,939/t (+1.92%)

Copper (3mth): US$8,104/t (+0.72%)

Oil (WTI): US$85.96 (-0.49%)

Oil (Brent): US$87.74 (-0.47%)

Iron 62pc Fe: US$117.40/t (-0.66%)

AUD/USD: 0.6428 (+0.27%)

Bitcoin: US$27,459 (-0.51%)



We’ve been shaking a few things up here at Stockhead, including an updated format to get you as close as we can to some of the nation’s most interesting CEOs – and this chat between Stockhead’s Sarah Hughan and Ionic Rare Earths (ASX:IXR) MD Tim Harrison certainly caught some attention.




Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Yesterday’s Small Caps highlights were:

Mobilicom (ASX:MOB), not long for this bourse, jumped circa 40% yesterday, after receiving  ‘a number of inquiries from shareholders in Australia requesting additional time to complete the conversion process of ordinary shares into American Depositary Shares (ADSs)’.

That’s because last month MOB broke the news it’ll be removed from the official list of ASX  shares and make its forever home on the Nasdaq.

“In an effort to accommodate its shareholders, the Company has decided to extend the proposed Delisting date to 19 October 2023 to allow current shareholders the ability and time to be able to transfer their fully paid ordinary shares to ADSs if they wish to do so,” MOB says.

Nightingale Intelligent Systems (ASX:NGL) finalised an expanded contract with the San Pablo Police Department (SPPD), which invested in two additional AI-powered Blackbird Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) systems, bringing their total to five.

Here’s the kicker and why the share price was topping out on Tuesday: as part of the expansion with SPPD, Nightingale obtained Tactical Beyond Visual Line of Sight (TBVLOS) approval for its Blackbird drones from the US Federal Aviation Administration, which holds the keys to the US drone kingdom.

CZR Resources (ASX:CZR) jumped early and stayed high on news the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) at the Robe Mesa iron ore project in the Pilbara looks “set to generate exceptional financial returns”.

The main talking points of the announcement included increased ore reserves at the project, from 8.2Mt in the pre-feasibility study (PFS), to 33.4Mt and production rates have increased from 2Mtpa in the PFS to 3.5-5Mtpa in the DFS.

Elsewhere, we got Pure Resources (ASX:PR1) up on news it’s staked 13.5km2 of exploration claims in the Crystal Mountain Pegmatite District, Colorado, and Atlantic Lithium (ASX:A11) is higher on word Ghana’s first lithium mine has been boosted by government acquiescence in diverting two transmission lines that run right across A11’s planned mining area.

And DomaCom (ASX:DCL) was up Up 38% to 0.022 cents after it started a capital raise of up to $6 million via convertible notes, the company saying the cash infusion ‘fortifies the company’s financial position enabling further expansion.’



Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Emu (ASX:EMU) – Pending the release of an announcement advising details relating to a proposed capital raise

Nuheara (ASX:NUH) – Pending the release of an announcement by the Company regarding a material equity raising