There’s heaps of stuff on Stockhead today, but what our Josh Chiat has done in explaining how ASX-copper-came-a-cropper in 2022, and where to buy what’s left on the ASX in 2023, well, it is ALL gold.

And a lot of copper.

Chiat, you freak/genius. I salute you.

Meantime, Wall Street made an effort overnight. Good for them.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average found 1.1%. The S&P 500 almost 2%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq jumped 2.5%.

And now, the day ahead.


The following stock went into trading halts yesterday and is expected out in the coming days:

Gregor reports that Besra Gold (ASX:BEZ) is it.

“BEZ called a halt at 9:48am pending the release of an announcement by the Company regarding an extension to the timetable to issue securities in the recently closed Entitlement Offer.”

“That announcement popped up at 11:28am, leaving the list of Thursday’s trading halts otherwise empty. Told ya things have been a bit slow.”



Gold: $US1,817.65 (+0.75%)

Silver: $US23.95 (-1.71%)

Nickel (3mth): $US29,547/t (+1.05%)

Copper (3mth): $US8,349.50/t (+0.47%)

Lithium Carbonate, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, DEC 21): $US80,275/t (-1.3% weekly, +123% year-to-date)

Lithium Hydroxide, China (Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, DEC 21): $US80,650/t (-0.4% weekly, +169.2% year-to-date)

Oil (WTI): $US78.34(-0.8%)

Oil (Brent): $US83.48 (-0.61%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US115.00 (+88%)

AUD/USD: 0.679 (+0.72%)

Bitcoin: $US16,610 (+0.43%)



Sounds like a profitable gig.

“Investigations in Mutoko area revealed that villagers were selling lithium ore for between US$15 to US$20 per wheelbarrow load, or US$100 per tonne, to middlemen who would esell it for US$350 to US$450 a tonne.”

Police intercept truck loads of lithium ore

— The Herald Zimbabwe (@HeraldZimbabwe) December 29, 2022

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Here are yesterday’s best performing ASX small cap stocks:

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Thursday’s hero of the dish was Strategic Elements (ASX:SOR).

The new power innovator says it’s made strides in “a revolutionary new power source that generates electrical energy from moisture in the air”.

SOR put its “extremely thin, flexible, environmentally friendly Energy Ink battery” up against the baseline power that is consumed by a leading glucose-monitoring skin patch, which many diabetics wear to keep track of their blood sugar levels, instead of sticking needles in their fingers up to 4 times a day.

The company says that its Energy Ink battery put out more than 200% of the required energy to keep that skin patch ticking over – and it’s hard to overstate what a profoundly massive market SOR’s tech could be about to significantly bite into once it’s ready to start producing its batteries at commercial scale.



Here are yesterday’s worst performing ASX small cap stocks:

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