Safety syringe maker Medigard’s patient shareholders must have gotten a little giddy this week when shares rocketed 145 per cent.

After disappointing sales of the syringes, Medigard (ASX:MGZ) told shareholders in November it was canvassing “a number of options to increase the value of the company”.

Was one of those options looking promising?

Alas not yet, a company spokesperson told Stockhead.

The price went on a run when a mere $237 worth of shares changed hands at 1.5c on Monday. A few trades later, the price was at 2.7c – up from 1.1c.

The $2.5 million company hopes to have news soon, the spokesperson said.

Therefore the mantle for small cap winner of the week rightfully passes to Primary Opinion (ASX:POP).

Winners: Best performing small cap ASX stocks (Aug 7-11)

ASX Code Company % change Aug 7-11 Market Cap Price
MGZ MEDIGARD LTD 1.454546 2457201.75 0.027
POP PRIMARY OPINION LTD 1.0625 24375954 0.034
BKM BKM MANAGEMENT LTD 1 3644073 0.002
MDX MINDAX LTD 1 7769088 0.012
KLO KINGSLAND GLOBAL LTD-CDI 0.809524 76950000 0.19
ZIP ZIPTEL LTD 0.75 5240686.5 0.035
4CE FORCE COMMODITIES LTD 0.692308 11819465 0.041
PEL PELICAN RESOURCES LTD 0.666667 5428853.5 0.015
NOR NORWOOD SYSTEMS LTD 0.666667 20387376 0.022
SAM SIV ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD 0.657143 744854.3125 0.058
TEG TRIANGLE ENERGY GLOBAL LTD 0.615385 17548842 0.11
DDD 3D RESOURCES LTD 0.6 5236782 0.008
LHB LIONHUB GROUP LTD 0.6 52886384 0.064
NGY NUENERGY GAS LTD 0.52 56276308 0.038
UUL ULTIMA UNITED LTD 0.5 1530039.125 0.06
RMT RMA ENERGY LTD 0.5 5478875.5 0.003
SYS SYNGAS LTD 0.5 872160.4375 0.0015
RNY RNY PROPERTY TRUST 0.5 3160967 0.012
IPT IMPACT MINERALS LTD 0.466667 18665596 0.023
TRL TANGA RESOURCES LTD 0.4375 9784003 0.02
SHH SHREE MINERALS LTD 0.4 1990579.125 0.007
ZMI ZINC OF IRELAND NL 0.4 7193122 0.007
WEC WHITE ENERGY CO LTD 0.38 22657840 0.069
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POP’s shares more than doubled in price after it announced former billion-dollar Bellamy’s boss Laura McBain had agreed to take the reins.

The shares finished on Friday at 3.4c – a 106 per cent premium on the 1.8c they were fetching at the start of the week.

The former Telstra business woman of the year was ousted from Bellamy’s in January, shortly after its share price halved following weaker-than-expected sales of its infant formula in China.

But investors can’t take their eyes off the billion-dollar valuation Bellamy’s reached under McBain’s stewardship.

Primary ended the week with a market cap of $24.4 million, up from $11.1 million on Monday. Some 175 million shares changed hands during the week.

This week’s other big movers included ZipTel which jumped 75 per cent this week after announcing a revenue share agreement with app maker Space Digital Media (SDM).

However the big share price gains attracted the attention of the ASX. Ziptel’s (ASX:ZIP) shares were suspended “pending the Company’s response to queries put to it by the ASX”.

SDM earlier agreed to integrate Ziptel’s ZIPt technology into Convo – a social-enabled work messaging app that competes alongside the likes of Slack and HipChat.

ZipTel handed over the rights to its technology in return for royalty payments of 10-20 per cent of Convo’s net revenue. SDM hopes to jump from £1.1 million ($A1.8 million) revenue in 2018 to £15.9 million in 2019.

The week’s other green arrows included Force Commodities (ASX:4CE) which soared 69 per cent to 4.1c after announcing it would buy into lithium, tin and tantalum projects in the Congo.

Close behind was Norwood (ASX:NOR) which jumped 67 per cent after signing a technology partnership with US data manager Veritas and announced a public trial of its “World Wi-Fi” network which displays wifi signals using augmented reality.

Losers: Worst performing small cap ASX stocks (Aug 7-11)

ASX Code Company % Change Aug 7-11 Market Cap Price
RAP RESAPP HEALTH LTD -0.677419 65903964 0.099
ERX EMPEROR RANGE GROUP LTD -0.533333 3185000 0.035
BSP BLACK STAR PETROLEUM LTD -0.5 530012.75 0.001
ANQ ANAECO LTD -0.5 2672798.5 0.001
TEX TARGET ENERGY LTD -0.5 1289006.5 0.001
ADD ADAVALE RESOURCES LTD -0.391304 893189.3125 0.014
CSV CSG LTD -0.338129 147601328 0.445
TOM TOMIZONE LTD -0.333333 1748097.25 0.012
ELT ELEMENTOS LTD -0.333333 6619701.5 0.006
PCH PROPERTY CONNECT HOLDINGS -0.333333 1443871.5 0.002
AIY AUTHORISED INVESTMENT FUND L -0.333333 1225018.5 0.008
GLA GLADIATOR RESOURCES LTD -0.333333 1198126.75 0.002
LKO LAKES OIL NL -0.333333 24649676 0.001
AJY ASAPLUS RESOURCES LTD-CDI -0.333333 10560000 0.12
IHL IMPRESSION HEALTHCARE LTD -0.316667 3196416 0.0205
GCR GOLDEN CROSS RESOURCES LTD -0.307692 914600.0625 0.009
CLL COLLERINA COBALT LTD -0.30303 10161819 0.023
MGT MAGNETITE MINES LTD -0.285714 13657356 0.025
CHP CHAPMANS LTD -0.285714 1725000.25 0.005
KBU KABUNI LTD -0.285714 1207217.25 0.005
IVT INVENTIS LTD -0.277778 7783289 0.013
HPR HIGH PEAK ROYALTIES LTD -0.272727 6672032 0.04
PEK PEAK RESOURCES LTD -0.263158 20053116 0.042
GGL GRUDEN GROUP LTD/THE -0.26087 11998878 0.017
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At the other end of the table sits app maker ResApp (ASX:RAP).

ResApp’s price fell 67 per cent to 9.9c this week after disappointing trial results for its app designed to diagnose respiratory disease.

Boss Tony Keating told Stockhead the poor trial results that destroyed his company’s share price were because he underestimated the challenge of testing inside a hospital emergency department.

About 40 per cent of the company’s shares on issue changed hands in 48 hours.

Emperor Range Group (ASX:ERX) dived 53 per cent after announcing its biggest shareholder, China Jinwo Holdings, had sold all its shares in off-market transactions

Adavale Resources sank 39 per cent after admitting it would continue with negative operating cashflow “for the time being”. Director Yuk Chor Choi resigned during the week.

Meanwhile shares of CSG (ASX:CSV) lost 34 per cent following a $55 million write-down of goodwill associated with print assets.