In a major plus for the National Stock Exchange (NSX), investors will now be able to access NSX trading via mobile app OpenMarkets Equix.

The Equix app is available on Android and ioS systems, and will open NSX stocks up to a pool of more than 30,000 investors.

The app is one of a slew of investment app offerings coming to market in recent times, offering self-directed investors and investment managers an option to trade while on the go.

But this is the first time NSX stocks have been available to trade on a mobile trading platform — a major boost as it attempts to build liquidity in the system.

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According to OpenMarkets CEO Andrea Marani the move to include NSX stocks was a function of demand.

“Our clients have expressed interest in accessing companies listed on the NSX, so it was a logical step, with the mobile app making investing that much more convenient,” he said.

Meanwhile for the NSX, which has struggled for liquidity, the move is a fairly big deal.

“This is a ground-breaking event for NSX, with the first mobile app for trading NSX listed securities,” CEO Matthew Loughnan said.

“Making it faster, cheaper and easier for trading of NSX listed securities which continues our ability to build a strong alternative exchange in Australia.”