Here are the key ASX small cap winners and losers at lunch Fri Sep 28:

The ASX Small Ords was up 19 points or 0.7 per cent to 2,874 at 1pm AEST.


HIV drug developer Biotron (ASX:BIT) rocketed 136 per cent today after announcing positive results for its most recent drug trial.

Biotron has for many years been developing a small-molecule therapy, BIT225, to treat viral infections including HIV-1 and hepatitis C. HIV-1 is the most common and infectious variety of HIV.

Today the biotech announced the drug was “having a unique effect in patients, over and above viral suppression seen with current antiretroviral drugs” in phase 2 trials.

Biotron boss Dr Michelle Miller said the test results were “a major step to the ultimate goal of curing HIV-1 infection”.

The stock soared from 1.9c to 4.5c — its highest level in almost two years — before cooling to 4c by 12.30pm AEST.

Phosphate explorer Celamin (ASX:CNL) gained 41 per cent to 3.1c after a court win was confirmed.

Back in December Tunisia-focused Celamin was awarded more than $US4 million in damages and costs along with its stake in a joint venture that was transferred to Tunisian Mining Services.

Celamin took legal action against TMS in 2015, after a 51 per cent shareholding in the Chaketma Phosphate Project was allegedly transferred without board approval.

Today Celamin received confirmation TMS’s appeal had been dismissed.

Cannabis play Bod Australia (ASX:BDA) made strong gains after raising $6.4 million to fund global expansion.

Bod — which makes a range of vitamins and hemp-based cosmetic products — raised the cash in a private placement at 53c per share.

This morning the shares jumped 11 per cent to an intraday high of 66.5c, before settling back to 65c by 12.30pm AEST.

BOD reported a loss of $3.7 million last year on revenue of $1.2 million. The business has a market cap of $27 million.

The money will go towards global expansion — with a particular focus on China — and local marketing following the completion of Phase I clinical trials for Bod’s cannabis wafer.

Lithium producer Tawana Resources (ASX:TAW) continued on an upward trajectory after yesterday secured the $40 million it needs to pursue an ASX listing with Singapore-listed merger partner Alliance Mineral Assets.

Tawana shares leapt by almost a third yesterday to 32c — and today were up another 12 per cent to 33.7c.

Tawana holds a 50 per cent interest in a lithium and tantalum mine in the eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, which started commercial production in July.

Its shares dived earlier this month when investors were told a proposed merger with Alliance would not meet the ASX’s requirements for a listing.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm AEST Fri Sep 28: 

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.15pm) Price (12pm) Volume Market Cap
BIT BIOTRON 1.05 0.041 225k 10.0M
XPE XPED 0.5 0.003 28k 3.8M
WGL WANGLE TECHNOLOG 0.5 0.003 847k 5.2M
WBE WHITEBARK ENERGY 0.5 0.003 521k 3.9M
CNL CELAMIN HOLDINGS 0.409090909091 0.031 8k 2.0M
AMT ALLEGRA ORTHOPAE 0.333333333333 0.2 6k 14.9M
S3R SERPENTINE TECHN 0.333333333333 0.004 1M 2.2M
HCO HYLEA METALS 0.333333333333 0.004 100k 8.4M
CYQ CYCLIQ GROUP 0.25 0.01 50k 6.2M
POZ POZ MINERALS 0.22641509434 0.065 50k 9.5M
ACB A-CAP RESOURCES 0.219512195122 0.05 4k 35.7M
AFR AFRICAN ENERGY 0.210526315789 0.023 30k 11.9M
TRL TANGA RESOURCES 0.2 0.006 845k 3.6M
PMY PACIFICO MINERAL 0.2 0.006 450k 5.5M
MTB MOUNT BURGESS 0.2 0.006 686k 2.1M
MHC MANHATTAN CORP 0.2 0.012 250 7.4M
MED MERLIN DIAMONDS 0.2 0.006 100k 18.2M
EVE EVE INVESTMENTS 0.166666666667 0.007 3M 13.6M
BKP BARAKA ENERGY AN 0.166666666667 0.007 70k 16.2M
ANL AMANI GOLD 0.166666666667 0.007 28k 9.7M
SMI SANTANA MINERALS 0.142857142857 0.008 453 3.9M
FIG FREEDOM INSURANC 0.136363636364 0.125 2M 26.4M
MEI METEORIC RESOURC 0.133333333333 0.017 147k 8.6M
NVX NOVONIX 0.133333333333 0.595 23k 64.6M
IBX IMAGION BIOSYSTE 0.132075471698 0.06 11k 12.9M
IDT IDT AUSTRALIA 0.129032258065 0.175 16k 37.9M
RLE REAL ENERGY CORP 0.127906976744 0.097 409k 25.9M
SWJ STONEWALL RESOUR 0.125 0.009 1M 24.1M
CTM CENTAURUS METALS 0.125 0.009 913k 18.4M
TAW TAWANA RESOURCES 0.116666666667 0.335 1M 173.4M
BDA BOD AUSTRALIA 0.0833333333333 0.65 602k 33.9M
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Cheese-maker Beston Global Food (ASX:BFC) did not please shareholders with its full-year financial results released today.

Losses widened to $12.8 million — compared to an $8.5 million loss the previous year — due to a six-month delay in bringing online a new mozzarella plant which began sales in May.

“The result is disappointing, especially against where we expected the company to be at this point in its development,” Beston told investors.

The wider loss was due to “delays and increased costs in obtaining delivery of and installing the company’s new Mozzarella plant at Jervois, South Australia, and unanticipated costs in China as well as costs associated with scaling up the company’s operations and sales, both nationally and internationally”.

Revenue doubled to $48 million due mostly to increased sales of dairy products.

The stock sank 8 per cent to 17c.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at 12.30pm AEST Fri Sep 28: 

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ASX code Company Price change today (12.15pm) Price (12pm) Volume Market Cap
LCY LEGACY IRON ORE -0.25 0.003 1M 5.9M
POD PODIUM MINERALS -0.223880597015 0.052 14k 6.4M
MBK METAL BANK -0.214285714286 0.011 50k 12.4M
IHL IMPRESSION HEALT -0.210526315789 0.015 10k 6.6M
XTD XTD -0.171428571429 0.029 79k 4.7M
AVD ANTILLES OIL AND -0.166666666667 0.03 132k 4.9M
AHN ATHENA RESOURCES -0.166666666667 0.01 150k 2.6M
KLH KALIA -0.142857142857 0.006 170k 17.6M
IVO INVIGOR GROUP -0.142857142857 0.006 1M 10.1M
AUH AUSTCHINA HOLDIN -0.142857142857 0.006 418k 7.8M
AIY AUTHORISED INVES -0.133333333333 0.026 65k 11.2M
RMX RED MOUNTAIN MIN -0.125 0.007 1M 5.4M
CZN CORAZON MINING L -0.125 0.007 29k 10.1M
CXZ CONNEXION MEDIA -0.125 0.007 436k 6.7M
CHK COHIBA MINERALS -0.125 0.007 320k 4.5M
MNW MINT PAYMENTS -0.115384615385 0.023 52k 20.4M
TAP TAP OIL -0.114285714286 0.093 14k 44.7M
EXL ELIXINOL GLOBAL -0.111627906977 1.91 1M 221.3M
PNN PEPINNINI LITHIU -0.111111111111 0.008 3M 5.6M
MCT METALICITY -0.111111111111 0.016 322k 10.7M
LML LINCOLN MINERALS -0.111111111111 0.008 39k 5.2M
MGL MAGONTEC -0.103448275862 0.026 20k 33.1M
NWF NEWFIELD RESOURC -0.103448275862 0.13 20k 84.3M
BID BIDENERGY -0.103448275862 0.13 1M 107.4M
RNE RENU ENERGY -0.1 0.009 1M 9.7M
CCE CARNEGIE CLEAN E -0.1 0.009 640k 28.8M
NOV NOVATTI GROUP -0.1 0.225 2k 39.4M
AGR AGUIA RESOURCES -0.0967741935484 0.14 68k 20.4M
WBT WEEBIT NANO -0.0888888888889 0.041 8M 65.3M
K2F K2FLY -0.0862068965517 0.265 15k 17.5M
DCC DIGITALX -0.0851063829787 0.086 1M 48.0M
BFC BESTON GLOBAL FO -0.0810810810811 0.17 156k 82.0M
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