After several weeks where it appeared that the road out of COVID-19 was steady, the emergence of the omicron variant has given a new blow to travel stocks.

After losing 1.7% on Friday, the ASX has lost another 1% today hitting a near six month low and travel stocks lost an average of 3%.

While the threat of COVID variants has always been a possibility, omicron has been enough for many nations around the world to bring back travel restrictions only days after lifting them.

Australia has re-introduced a uniform hotel quarantine for a number of countries in Southern Africa where the variant was detected and required all other travellers to quarantine for three days as has Britain and in both cases doing so with no prior notice.

Israel meanwhile, has gone so far as to ban all foreign travellers.

While there isn’t yet concrete evidence this variant causes more severe illness or can evade vaccines, the presence of increased spike proteins the omicron variant has led to suspicions that either or both might be the case and governments have acted accordingly.

In the absence of certainty amidst omicron, investors in travel stocks have opted for the “sell now and ask questions later” approach.

Here’s a list of all ASX travel stocks and their performance today…

While travel stocks are still up 40% in the last twelve months, they have lost all gains made in the last month as of today’s fall.

And even some companies that have been immune to COVID shocks were affected.

One notable example was Camplify (ASX:CHL) a campervan and motorhome sharing community which has still more than doubled since its IPO.

However, Apollo Tourism (ASX:ATL) which is the ASX’s other campervan stock (and ironcally a shareholder in Camplify), was one of the greatest laggards losing over 10% this morning.

The ASX’s travel agents Serko (ASX:SKO), Webjet (ASX:WEB), Flight Centre (ASX:FLT), Corporate Travel Management (ASX:CTD) and Helloworld (ASX:HLO) all made up spots in the upper echelons of today’s losers.