ASX Small Cap Winners Feb 26-Mar 2

What’s going on at tungsten and gold play GWR Group (ASX:GWR)?

The stock rocketed six-fold in the space of a week — from 6.5c to a high of 41c.

It finished at 32c on Friday — a 392 per cent gain for the seven-day period.

Trades skyrocketed too — more than 4 million shares changed hands over a few days.

Queried by the ASX earlier in the week, company secretary Simon Borck said there was no news to share.

GWR is due to release a maiden mineral resource estimate for several prospects in its Hatches Creek tungsten, gold and copper project in the Northern Territory where “exceptional” drilling results were reported late last year.

GWR Group's shares over the past three months.
GWR Group’s shares over the past three months.

Fellow tungsten play Tungsten Mining (ASX:TGN) put on 58 per cent to 47.5c, telling the ASX it continued to “make good progress” at its Mt Mulgine tungsten project in Western Australia.

Tungsten — used to harden steel in ballistic missiles and drill bits — has soared in price because of supply constraints. It’s predominantly produced in a single nation: China.

Taruga Gold (ASX:TAR) almost quadrupled to a high of 39c before closing the week at 24c — a 92 per cent gain for the seven days.

Taruga announced its acquisition of high-grade copper and cobalt projects in the Congo.

Taruga will acquire a 60 per cent interest in Mwilu and Kamilobe high-grade cobalt projects, with grades of up to 13 per cent cobalt already reported from channel sampling.

Taruga also has secured first right of refusal on other high-grade cobalt projects held by the government and a local consortium.

To fund it all, Taruga is raising $1.35 million at 10c a share.

US drug giant Perkin Elmer made a move on Aussie junior biotech RHS (ASX:RHS) this week — which pushed the Aussie junior biotech up 89 per cent to 26.5c

Perkin Elmer has offered to buy the company outright at 28c per share.

Directors of RHS have recommended shareholders accept the offer.

It followers a spate of merger activity in the local biotech space.

EHR Resources (ASX:EHX) went for a run, initially on no news, shooting up 54 per cent to 12.5c for the week.

The company — which has a stake in a Peruvian gold and silver project — told the ASX on Wednesday it had no unannounced news to share.

On Friday it announced the start of a new stage of exploration at the project.

Auris Minerals (ASX:AUR) announced a $1.2 million farm-in deal with Sandfire Resources (ASX:SFR) at its Morck’s Well East and Doolgunna copper projects in Western Australia.

The deal sent its share price up 47 per cent to 5c for the week.

Sandfire has to spend $2 million in two years on exploration of the two sites, while Auris explores the rest of its holding in other parts of the Bryah Basin in WA.

Cancer drug maker Patrys (ASX:PAB) jumped 50 per cent to 3.3c for the week after showing its brain tumour treatment could cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce the size of growths.

The last trial showed drug candidate PAT‐ DX1 killed cancer cells in the lab, and the latest one shows that is works on mice with human glioblastoma tumour implants as well.

“Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive, highly malignant form of brain cancer characterised by very fast cellular reproduction,” Patrys told investors on Wednesday.

Patrys will now prepare for clinical trials in 2019.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Feb 26-Mar 2:

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ASX CodeNameChange (Feb 23-Mar 3)Price Mar 2Price Feb 2352wk High52wk LowMarket Cap
GWRGWR GROUP3.923076923080.320.0650.410.03380798208
SSNSAMSON OIL & GAS10.0020.0010.0050.0014924500.5
TARTARUGA GOLD0.920.240.1250.3950.04135851448
PMYPACIFICO MINERALS0.6250.0130.0080.0120.0047016510
TGNTUNGSTEN MINING NL0.5833333333330.4750.30.540.0229280747744
CTPCENTRAL PETROLEUM0.569767441860.1350.0860.19860.07774243608
EHXEHR RESOURCES0.5432098765430.1250.0810.1950.06913722264
MXRMAXIMUS RESOURCES0.50.00150.0010.0030.0014540953
AJJASIAN AMERICAN MEDICAL GROUP0.50.1050.070.1250.0729775276
AURAURIS MINERALS0.4705882352940.050.0340.1050.03422016428
MZMMONTEZUMA MINING CO0.4680851063830.3450.2350.3450.12525873948
RXHREWARDLE HOLDINGS0.4666666666670.0220.0150.0440.017208136
FGRFIRST GRAPHENE0.4230769230770.1850.130.2150.0674758496
WCNWHITE CLIFF MINERALS0.3793103448280.0040.00290.00770.001911596866
PDNPALADIN ENERGY0.3448275862070.1950.1450.260.045291183456
BDIBLINA MINERALS0.3333333333330.0020.00150.0030.0017527765
CULCULLEN RESOURCES0.3333333333330.0020.00150.0030.0013897840.25
JVGJV GLOBAL0.3333333333330.0020.00150.0020.00095012890.5
LKOLAKES OIL0.3333333333330.0020.00150.0030.00155211136
RELRAVEN ENERGY0.3333333333330.0020.00150.0020.0019691197
CYPCYNATA THERAPEUTICS0.3263157894741.260.951.350.37106169768
CAECANNINDAH RESOURCES0.3250.0530.040.150.0136944244.5


ASX Small Cap Losers Feb 26-Mar 2

Stream Group (ASX:SGO) was back trading after a suspension of more than 18 months — but its stock fell 55 per cent to 3.5c.

The company sold off its claims management business earlier this year, leaving just its BuildAssist claims management software as its sole revenue-maker.

Stream also told investors it had reached an agreement with the ASX on a proposed buyback of 2.2 million shares that “were issued to a company controlled by a director, Mr Lawrence Case … in breach of listing rule 10.11”.

To avoid calling a shareholder meeting for approval of the buyback, the ASX agreed the shares could be sold on-market with the profits donated to charity.

Sadly, the ASX’s only listed jetpack maker Martin Aircraft (ASX:MJP) looks set to de-list.

New Zealand-based Martin told investors it “continues to be in the development phase of its Jetpack product and needs to ensure that its limited cash resources are used to maximise the development of its product, rather than to pay for administrative costs, including ASX listing fees”.

The shares fell 50 per cent to 1.8c.

User-generated content app Crowdspark (ASX:CSK) — formerly known as NewZulu — fell after revealing a 9 per cent fall in revenue to $1 million and a narrower loss of $1.8 million.

The shares closed the week down 49 per cent to 7.1c.

Jayex Healthcare (ASX:JHL) continued a downward slide, trading down 40 per cent for the week at 1.5c.

Jayex, which makes software to help run hospitals and pharmacies, reported a 14 per cent decrease in revenue for the half-year.

“The company faced on-going difficulties with the integration of the Appointuit product into the other group technologies, which resulted in the operational and financial results falling behind expectations in the Australian operations.”

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks for Feb 26-Mar 2:

This table may be best viewed on a laptop or desktop

ASX CodeNameChange Feb 23- Mar 2Price Mar 2Price Feb 2352wk High52wk LowMarket Cap
SGOSTREAM GROUP-0.5512820512820.0350.0780.0780.0357676541.5
MJPMARTIN AIRCRAFT-0.50.0180.0360.1650.01611112206
PRLPETREL ENERGY-0.4285714285710.0040.0070.0470.00356743739
JHLJAYEX HEALTHCARE-0.40.0150.0250.0450.0122304343
EGLENVIRONMENTAL GROUP-0.3684210526320.0480.0760.0950.01511228449
TPETPI ENTERPRISES-0.3441860465121.412.152.941.355112303544
AFTAFT CORP-0.3333333333330.0010.00150.0020.0019020528
ATTANTE REAL ESTATE TRUST-0.3333333333330.0020.0030.0440.00246326.3203
MSIMULTISTACK INTERNATIONAL-0.3333333333330.0060.0090.030.006673823.5625
RD1REGISTRY DIRECT-0.3157894736840.0650.0950.1950.0655386665.5
MILMILLENNIUM SERVICES-0.3028169014080.991.421.810.9345698616
A3DAURORA LABS-0.2929292929290.70.992.850.4445721860
DMCDIGIMATIC GROUP-0.2879256965941.151.61561.148370964
KTEK2 ENERGY-0.2857142857140.010.0140.0190.0073389548
SIVSILVER CHEF-0.2743628185914.846.678.884.41192412784
GLAGLADIATOR RESOURCES-0.2727272727270.0080.0110.0170.0024928443.5
GRVGREENVALE ENERGY-0.2727272727270.0320.0440.0480.024107635.75
MGUMAGNUM MINING AND EXPLORATIO-0.2682926829270.060.0820.0820.03616774729
CNXCARBON ENERGY-0.2580645161290.1150.1551.30.1210064695
POZPOZ MINERALS-0.2560.0930.1250.1450.0215257818
ADYADMIRALTY RESOURCES-0.250.0060.0080.0110.0049225999
UNLUNITED NETWORKS-0.2456140350880.0430.0570.220.0415284648
HORHORSESHOE METALS-0.240.0190.0250.0320.0163698391.5
FODFOOD REVOLUTION-0.2258064516130.0480.0620.0760.03718664790
DGODGO GOLD-0.2243589743590.6050.782.450.217076120.5
RIMRIMFIRE PACIFIC-0.2222222222220.0210.0270.0370.01719813028