Nutritional Growth Solutions is heading to Poland with an exclusive distribution deal for its European manufactured Healthy Heights products.

Paediatric nutritional products provider Nutritional Growth Solutions (ASX:NGS) has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Pharmabest to establish the company’s presence in Poland.

Under the deal Pharmabest will distribute the NGS’s European manufactured products, which  include the Healthy HeightsGrow Daily 3+ clinically-backed children’s product line.

Pharmabest is a leading distributor of high-quality and evidence-based dietary supplements and medical  devices.

Under the three-year agreement, to maintain exclusivity in Poland, Pharmabest must meet minimum  order requirements including:

  • 30,000 pcs of canisters in the first 12 months
  • 45,000 pcs of canisters in the second 12 months
  • 60,000 pcs of canisters in the third 12 months

The deal can  be extended upon mutual consent by both parties, while NGS can terminate the agreement if Pharmabest doesn’t meet the agreed  minimum quantities.

Poland identified as target market

NGS CEO and managing director  Liron Fendell said Poland has long been  identified as a target market for Healthy Heights.

“Our Healthy Heights range is scientifically formulated by pediatric doctors at the renowned Schneider Children’s medical centre to fill the nutritional gaps in children’s diets to ensure they have the best possible chance to grow their maximal height,” she said.

“It is a value proposition I believe  will resonate with parents in Poland given the growing need for nutritional children’s products.”

Executing on US growth strategy

Throughout 2022, NGS has been executing on its US retail strategy including:

  • Healthy Heights now on shelves of in 403 Walmart stores across the country
  • Increasing online sales through,,, and
  • Agreement to distribute Healthy Heights to The Healthy Edge network of 20 natural food stores across four US states
  • Agreement with the largest natural products wholesale distributor in the US, United Natural Foods Inc (NYSE:UNFI) to distribute its entire 22 product Healthy Heights range.
  • Plans underway for additional retail brand rollout in the US.

NGS recently announced it had recorded record third quarter revenue as its US retail strategy starts to pay off.

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