Medlab Clinical’s key NanoCelle technology has completed another major milestone on the path to commercialisation with potential for needle-free delivery of mRNA vaccines and insulin for diabetes.

Aussie biotech Medlab Clinical (ASX:MDC) has announced that its Nasal RNA program is entering the final phase of development.

The program has been undertaken in collaboration with Professor Daniela Traini’s team from Macquarie University and Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and Professor Pall Thordarson’s team from UNSW Sydney’s RNA Institute.

The program was funded by a NSW government grant as part of its future antiviral/vaccine response for delivery of the covid-19 vaccine and other mRNA vaccines.

It brought together three teams to determine the viability of a concept product –  a nanoparticle RNA delivered nasally, featuring Medlab’s patent-protected NanoCelle.


Key findings using insulin

The NanoCelle platform has been delivered to change the way medicines are delivered for greater efficacy.

The earlier stages of the project have been completed, which were to perform feasibility studies using insulin.

The feasibility study was conducted using insulin as it’s a water-soluble biological molecule, shares traits with RNA, and which differentiate it from the small lipophilic molecules that have been the main subject of NanoCelle technology.

The collaboration succeeded in:

  • Encapsulating insulin with NanoCelle technology
  • Demonstrating that NanoCelle encapsulated biological molecules were suitable for nasal delivery
  • Moving nasal spray delivered insulin one step closer along the translational pathway to commercialisation

One third of any resulting IP from the research collaboration will belong to MDC.

The underlying NanoCelle delivery technology remains 100% owned by MDC.


Work to be presented at key UK conference

The findings are significant with NanoCelle having the potential for needle-free delivery of mRNA  vaccines and insulin for diabetes sufferers.

Professor Traini and Dr Chung Wong will present the work at a conference at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference 2022 in Edinburgh in December.

The final phase of the program (per the grant agreement) is around the RNA encapsulation in NanoCelle and will start at MDC’s laboratories in UNSW Sydney following various approvals.

Subject to approvals for the final phase, MDC said optimistically a viability determination is likely before Christmas.


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