With project funding from a globally recognised research centre, the company is perfectly positioned to drive ahead with its HeraCARE platform.

Healthtech company HeraMED (ASX:HMD) has extended its collaboration with Mayo Clinic medical research centre as it continues development for its pre-natal health platform.

The company has announced an extended collaboration which will see global research centre make a contribution to fund research initiatives and provide a license to Mayo Clinic’s library of educational content, and expert medical know-how and guidelines in the field of prenatal care.

HeraMED said the deal builds on the existing collaborative efforts between the two parties, where insights from Mayo Clinic research are provided to patients as part of HMD’s HeraCARE pre-natal technology platform.

Coming off a $2.3m capital raise in early June, HeraMED is in the process of running clinical trials in Australia for its remote monitoring technology.

The HeraCARE platform includes the HeraBEAT app that allows expectant mothers to monitor their pregnancy remotely, as well as a blood pressure monitor and weighting scales.


Path to clinical deployment

Under the terms of the collaboration, Mayo Clinic will provide project funding to study the implement of the HeraCARE platform and to optimise the platform for full clinical deployment.

The collaboration will give patients using the HeraMED platform access to Mayo’s library of educational content while Mayo’s clinicians study the implementation of its HeraCARE platform.

CEO David Groberman said the increased level of collaboration between the two sides was evidence of the “paradigm shift” driving new tech-health solutions in the wake of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

“We are confident it will become a significant catalyst in our goal to deliver accessible and high-quality care for pregnant moms and their healthcare providers,” he said.