Hong Kong company Healthy Giant Limited has recently started both using and retailing Skin Elements’ plant-based COVID-19 disinfectant SuprCuvr. 

Just last year during the height of COVID-19, Skin Elements (ASX:SKN), research and development company based in Perth, announced a new disinfectant. Specializing in plant-based, natural, and organic products, their new disinfectant made waves as being far more effective than any chemical disinfectants, with a rating of 99.99999% effective against COVID-19. That’s 1000 times more effective compared to a standard 99.99% effective disinfectant. In addition, it’s also highly effective against germs and bacteria.

Now just one year later, their disinfectant, SuprCuvr is in use in Hong Kong. Healthy Giant Limited, the first company to ever offer anti-microbial treatments in Hong Kong, has started both using and retailing SuprCuvr.

Healthy Giant Limited cleans and disinfects the Hong Kong government offices along with the offices of several global companies based in Hong Kong. They have over 5000 customers and service over 300 schools, 100 elderly centres and 5 top tier companies.

In fact having grown to an annual turnover of over USD $3.5 million (AUD $5.5 Million), they are looking at expansion into Macau.

This bodes extremely well for manufacturer and developer Skin Elements, as SuprCuvr makes it’s way across Asia. It’s not just bulk orders either, Healthy Giant is offering SuprCuvr for retail sale in 145ml and 285ml bottles direct to their customers.

They have just placed their second order for SuprCuvr and only have good feedback.

Not only is SuprCuvr proving more effective. It doesn’t damage or stain upholstery, carpets or surfaces as some chemicals do, and because it’s 100% plant-based there is no downtime from the disinfecting process. Unlike chemical products, which generally require you to vacate the area and leave it for anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours, with SuprCuvr they can clean, disinfect, and mist without any downtime.

We recently wrote another article on how local bus company Thomson Coachlines is benefiting from the product.

Global shift to natural products

Things are looking good for Skin Elements (ASX:SKN), as the world begins to shift its focus to natural products. After more than 17 years of research and development and more than $40 million dollars in investment into this research, they are switching to a focus on commercialisation of their award winning natural organic anti-microbial SE formula.

With four brands developed they are heading to market with natural and organic products that show exceptionally high effectiveness. SuprCuvr is just one of these brands, included in the Australian register of therapeutic goods, it’s only one example of just how effective their products are, even compared to chemical products.

Another of their product ranges is PapayaActivs, a range of therapeutic and cosmetic pawpaw-based products with a concentration of up to 60% pawpaw. In comparison, a standard pawpaw cream like Lucas Pawpaw only contains 6% pawpaw. Like SuprCuvr the product’s results speak for themselves.

Their other brands include Soléo Organics, a 100% natural sunscreen and Elizabeth Jane Cosmetics, an all-natural cosmetic brand, are also turning to commercialisation globally.

With their focus now on sales and distribution, prospects are looking good for Skin Elements (ASX:SKN). Not only is SuprCuvr now in use in Hong Kong in both retail and bulk, but it’s also available in Australia in over 168 IGA stores. Their wholesale distributor, Pacific Healthcare, has also submitted it to the formal tender lists for the Western Australian and Queensland governments.

With the global shift towards natural products, combined with the projected compound annual growth rate for the disinfectant spray market estimated at 8.2%, Skin Elements is confident SuprCuvr is well positioned to take a larger and larger market share.





This article was developed in collaboration with Skin Elements Limited, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.


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