• Radiopharm’s RAD 502 results published in paper
  • ProMedicus launches product on Apple Vision Pro
  • TrivarX enhances its depression diagnostic algorithm


Radiopharm says its drug halts tumour progression

Radiopharm Theranostics (ASX:RAD) jumped +9% this morning after announcing that a study featuring DUNP19, (Radiopharm’s RAD 502) shows that it can halt tumour progression and prolong survival in various cancers.

The study was conducted by Dr David Ulmert and his colleagues from the University of California, which has now been published into a paper and available in preprint on BioRxiv.

The study demonstrated for the very first time how DUNP19 can be used in various cancers for the detection and targeting of Leucine-Rich Repeat Containing 15 (LRRC15)-expressing cancers.

LRRC15 is a cellular marker and new therapeutic target in solid tumours (breast, head and neck, lung, pancreatic), and in cancers that arise from connective tissue (osteosarcoma, glioblastoma, melanoma).

DUNP19 (RAD 502) meanwhile is a monoclonal antibody that targets LRRC15, offering a strong potential for it to be used as an agent for treating LRRC15+ aggressive cancers.

The findings in the paper proposed that a novel technique for imaging and treating a wide range of aggressive tumours that express LRRC15 are needed, given the limited options for targeted therapy.

DUNP19 (RAD 502) is currently under pre-clinical investigation at Radiopharm.

“These findings underscore the potential of radio-theranostic targeting of LRRC15 as a powerful precision medicine platform,” said Dr Ulmert, Radiopharm’s Scientific Advisory Board member and co-inventor of the DUNP19 platform.


ProMedicus launches on Apple Vision Pro

ProMedicus (ASX:PME) said wholly owned US subsidiary, Visage Imaging, has launched  Visage Ease VP for Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s spatial computing platform.

Designed to take advantage of the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, Visage Ease VP can support immersive, spatial experiences for diagnostic imaging and multimedia.

Apple Vision Pro is basically a VR/AR headset that lets you navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice.

PME says Apple Vision Pro will enable Visage Ease VP users to use the natural and intuitive input of eyes, hands, and voice navigation to provide an imaging experience.

“The visualisation of 3-dimensional medical imaging in immersive space creates exciting opportunities to improve patient care,” said Dr. Paul Murphy, associate clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine and radiologist at UC San Diego Health.

“Technology that allows for sophisticated eye motion and gesture controls for reviewing 2D and 3D medical imaging could potentially help in efficient tumor board reviews and create collaborative spaces in healthcare.”

UC San Diego Health is the first health system to pilot the technology.


TrivaxX makes significant enhancements on algorithm

TrivarX (ASX:TRI) meanwhile said it has developed a number of improvements to its proprietary algorithm (MEB-001), a diagnostic aid for current Major Depressive Episode (cMDE).

The enhancements followed ongoing analysis utilising  the results from its Phase 1 Sleep Signal Analysis for Current Major Depressive Episode (SAMDE) study.

The enhanced algorithm (trained only on Phase 1 data) was subsequently tested on 140 full-night and split-night polysomnography (PSG) tests from Phase 2 of the study.

Updated algorithm performance on Phase 2 data include: 86% sensitivity – which means the ability for the test to correctly identify patients with the disease.

The study also showed 75% specificity – which is the ability to designate an individual who does not have the disease as negative.

TrivarX says the results provide considerable confidence and lay strong foundation for completion of Phase 2 SAMDE study.


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