Roots’ latest design registration in Israel rounds out the group’s IP  protection  footprint  across  major  global  markets, including the US, UK, China, and the European Union.

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) has  secured  a  certificate  of  design  registration  from  the  Israeli  Patent  Office  for  the  company’s  Heat Exchange Probe (HEP) technology.

The HEP is designed to heat or cool plant substrates in pots, grow bags and soil. The innovative technology is compatible with the company’s Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) system, enabling a streamlined, cost-effective installation and energy saving operation.

The HEP enables farmers to reduce air heating and cooling expenditures creating a sustainable solution for the agricultural industry, which also increases crop yield and shortens grow cycles.

The design highlights the continual innovation capabilities and considerable R&D, and field trial done by the company to develop and commercialise the technology.

Roots is an agriculture technology company focused on developing, producing, and commercialising precision agriculture technologies addressing severe weather conditions, improving crop yields, and providing water for irrigation in cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

Boosting IP portfolio

The design registration significantly strengthens the company’s intellectual property portfolio and follows similar patent approvals in other large markets, including the USA earlier this year.

The global jurisdictions where ROO has now achieved IP design registration now comprise most of the world’s major markets including China, the European Union, India, Canada, and the UK.

ROO said the design registration will provide the company with registration for an initial period of five years, which may be extended by four periods of five years each, subject to additional applications.

The milestone provides ROO with sufficient IP protection and the ability to ramp up a targeted business development program across Israel.

ROO CEO Mr Boaz Wachtel said ROO continues to gain recognition from government regulators in major markets and the design registration for its HEP technology in Israel highlights the company’s ongoing approach to innovation and product commercialisation.

“The design registration adds to the group’s IP protection footprint across the US and other global markets and provides Roots with the ability to leverage its technology further into Israel,” he said.

“The company continues to advance business development initiatives with farmers and growers in key markets and anticipates additional sales will materialise in the coming months.”

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