This week’s field of directors saw nearly $45m in shares change hands among 20 directors – but $35m was from just four.

You may remember from last week that two (ASX: KGN) directors sold nearly $30m in stock because shareholders asked them to, for more liquidity.

This week, four Phoslock Environmental Technologies (ASX:PET) directors outdid them for the exact same reason – someone wanted to buy in.

The group was led by chairman Laurence Freedman who sold nearly $26m. Following behind was Robert Schuitama with $4.3m, Zhigang Zhang who sold $3.7m and Ninping Ma who sold $1.2m.

But Freedman said the stake was “a relatively small part of our holdings”. They still own over 20 per cent of the company between them.


Other ways to stand out?

How else do you stand out from a crowd of trades if you can’t go that big? Maybe go in twice in a week as Pointsbet’s (ASX:PBH) Brett Paton did. He bought $1.08m all up.

Liontown Resources’ (ASX:LTR) Timothy Goyder bought $174,090. While the share price of the lithium miner has retreated in recent weeks, it has still enjoyed a stellar 2019.

When Rural Funds Group (ASX:RFF) was accused of fraud, directors bought in to the tune of $1.2m. A month on, the company has been cleared by its auditors and is now suing the short sellers over their claims. And Brett Paton bought in again, to the tune of $497,263.

Ian Gandel bought another $502,795 of Alliance Resources (ASX:AGS) shares. A similarly well known figure, Lev Mizikovsky, bought another $150,088 of Advance NanoTek (ASX:ANO) shares.

Three Regeneus (ASX:RGS) directors, Glen Richards, Leo Lee and Barry Sechos bought $1.75m between them in the company’s rights issue.

While Southern Cross Electrical Engineering’s (ASX:SXE) Karl Paganin bought $200,000, David Hammond sold nearly $1.7m – to pay a tax bill.

Pacific Smiles Group (ASX:PSQ) Benjamin Gisz bought $1.6m, but Alexander Abrahams sold $750,000 held in his wife’s name. This company had an average start to 2019, losing 10 per cent in 6 months, but has gained 26 per cent in the last fortnight.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Benjamin Gisz Buy 20 August 1,231,987 $1,638,543 On market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Laurence Freedman Sell 26 August 19,258,824 $25,961,510 Off market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Robert Schuitema Sell 26 August 3,200,000 $4,315,804 Off market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Zhigang Zhang Sell 30 August 2,950,732 $3,683,136 Off market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ninping Ma Sell 31 August 938,576 $1,167,708 Off market
LTR Liontown Resources Timothy Goyder Buy 30 August 2,000,000 $174,090 On market
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Alexander John Abrahams Sell 30 August 500,000 $750,000 On market
NVA Novita Healthcare Jefferson Harcourt Buy 28 August 10,000,000 $100,000 Rights Issue
RGS Regeneus Glen Richards Buy 3 September 1,875,000 $150,000 Rights Issue
RGS Regeneus Leo Lee Buy 3 September 12,500,000 $1,000,000 Rights Issue
RGS Regeneus Barry Sechos Buy 3 September 7,500,000 $600,000 Rights Issue
NTM NTM Gold Eduard Eshuys Buy 30 August 14,434,200 $469,111 Placement
SXE Southern Cross Electrical Engineering David Hammond Sell 3 September 3,240,496 $1,689,417 On market
SXE Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Karl Paganin Buy 3 September 400,000 $200,000 Off market
PBH PointsBet Brett Paton Buy 6 September 400,000 $1,084,000 On market
AGS Alliance Resources Ian Gandel Buy 3 September 3,591,391 $502,795 On market
GSN Great Southern Mining John Terpu Buy 4 September 39,103,118 $391,031 Rights Issue
ALG Ardent Leisure Group David Haslingden Buy 30 August 192,307 $198,076 On market
ANO Advance Nanotek Lev Mizikovsky Buy 5 September 33,818 $150,088 On market
RFF Rural Funds Group Brett Paton Buy 6 September 252,418 $497,263 On market
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