The one $100,000+ sale last week was in Astivita (ASX:AIR) by none other than its chairman Lev Mizikovsky.

He sold off 18.34 per cent of the company on market.

But a junior Mizikovsky, not long out of high school and yet still already the VP of marketing at Astivita, bought up 24 per cent of the company on the same day.

Joseph Mizikovsky claims, on his LinkedIn page, to have done his secondary schooling at Institut de Rosey, a school in Switzerland known for being the most expensive boarding school in the world.

He then did a year at the London School of Economics in 2017, earning himself a B+ in consumer behaviour and marketing, before coming home to start a psych degree at QUT last year.

Mizikovsky the younger is also the chief marketing officer at Senterprisys, a newly listed NSX company.

It looks like Ben Gisz and Hilton Brett are a two-hander when it comes to buying in Pacific Smiles (ASX:PSQ), as since September last year both men have bought on the same day every time.

But it’s not wholly that simple.

Gisz is the board representative of TDM Asset Management, a 22 per cent shareholder in Pacific Smiles, and therefore any move it makes is a move he, according to the ASX rules, also makes.

Brett also works at TDM but is buying in his own right, this time $71,000 worth.

TDM has been building a bigger position in Pacific Smiles since March last year.

As we noted last week it’s not a grower but does give generously of its cash back to shareholders in the form of dividends.

However over the last year or so they’ve not been doing so well, with full year profit slipping to $6.6m.

Smallcap-land dividends, if you are so lucky to even get one, aren’t going to deliver much by way of cash. Maybe a nice dinner.

But the founders of Apollo Tourism and Leisure (ASX:ATL) own 53 per cent of the company so when they get dividends you should expect something better than a pub lunch.

Except they aren’t spenders, they’re reinvestors, so that $1.2m they got from their stock went straight back into the company.

And finally, if you’re looking for a board that backs itself, look at Longtable Group (ASX:LON).

The whole board sank $1.1m into a capital raising last week, although chairman Tony Robinson did buy a few more on market to kick himself over the $100,000 mark.

Longtable is led by Laura McBain, the executive credited for milk formula seller Bellamy’s (ASX:BAL) success.

She stepped in when Longtable was still Primary Opinion in 2017, a tiny company whose main asset was 48 per cent of Maggie Beer’s food business.

She promptly wrote $8.5m of that investment off and started buying boutique food companies, such as Paris Creek and a hipster Melbourne dairy, culminating in the rest of Maggie’s business in March.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
PSQ Pacific Smiles Benjamin Gisz Buy 11 April 3,017,140 $3,469,711 On market 33,400,620
ATL Apollo Tourism and Leisure Luke & Karl Trouchet Buy 10 April 1,338,689 $1,200,000 Dividend Reinvestment plan 98,113,117
AIR Astivita Lev Mizikovsky Sell 10 April 10,000,000 $930,000 On market 28011169
LON Longtable Group Tom King Buy 4 April 2,857,291 $571,458 Capital raising 8,429,010
OEL Otto Energy Kevin Small Buy 2-8 April 5,674,622 $311,101 On market 6890665
LON Longtable Group Laura McBain Buy 4 April 1,524,786 $304,957 Capital raising 4,498,120
ALG Ardent Leisure Group Brad Richmond Buy 8 April 261,550 $300,783 On market 310,000
LON Longtable Group Hugh Robertson Buy 4 April 721,893 $144,379 Capital raising 2,129,586
LON Longtable Group Tony Robinson Buy 4 April 350,000 $124,108 On market & capital raising 1,561,793
ADH Adairs Michael Butler Buy 5 April 75,000 $123,323 On market 413,858
AMH AMCIL Michael Hirst Buy 9-10 April 345,000 $292,735 On market 345,000
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