The past fortnight saw one of the biggest collections of multi-million dollar directors’ trades in 2020.

The biggest trade was a $15 million purchase of shares in the $55 million rights issue of biotech PYC Therapeutics (ASX:PYC).

That trade was made by chairman Alan Tribe. His colleague Bernard Hockings chipped in $500,000.

PYC is fighting various eye disease with “Cell Penetrating Peptides”. Its lead program targets retinitis pigmentosa, which causes vision loss.

While this program is still at the pre-clinical stage it is hoping to get to human trials in the coming months.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Hilton Brett Buy 23 October 59,468 $111,800 On market
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Benjamin Gisz Buy 23 October 1,426,836 $2,682,452 On market
IMD Imdex Anthony Wooles Buy 22 October 700,000 $952,000 On market
AKG Academies Australasia John Schlederer Buy 20 October 500,000 $127,000 On market
AHX Apiam Animal Health Christopher Richards Buy 23 October 584,794 $359,648 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
JRL Jindalee Resources Lindsay Dudfield Buy 23 October 653,300 $209,056 Rights Issue
GRB Gibb River Diamonds Grant Mooney Sell 27 October 1,000,000 $126,632 On market
PYC PYC Therapeutics Alan Tribe Buy 28 October 88,256,376 $15,003,584 Rights Issue
PYC PYC Therapeutics Bernard Hockings Buy 28 October 2,941,177 $500,000 Rights Issue
NXS Next Science Judith Mitchell Buy 29 October 188,200 $216,769 On market
HNL HGL Peter Miller Buy 28 October 5,081,889 $635,236 Rights Issue
PTB PTB Group Stephen Smith Buy 30 October 215,189 $142,025 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
PNN PepinNini Minerals Rebecca Holland-Kennedy Buy 30 October 1,173,410 $152,543 Rights Issue
SHV Select Harvests Paul Thompson Buy 29 October 48,026 $249,735 Rights Issue
FCL Fineos David Hollander Buy 21 October 41,224 $206,326 On market
MLL Mali Lithium Brendan Borg Buy 3 November 1,582,500 $253,200 SPP
MLL Mali Lithium Alistair Cowden Buy 3 November 2,500,000 $400,000 SPP
CMM Capricorn Metals Mark Clark Buy 2 November 85,000 $144,185 On market
OLI Oliver's Real Food Jason Gunn Sell 28 October 5,000,000 $255,000 Off market
TYR Tyro Payments Paul Rickard Sell 30 October 307,061 $1,148,940 On market
MYD MyDeal Paul Greenberg Buy 4 November 200,000 $259,200 On market
PBH PointsBet Brett Patton Buy 2 November 50,000 $498,799 On market
PF1 Pathfinder Resources Sufian Ahmad Buy 4 November 885,000 $156,205 On market
DGR DGR Global Nicholas Mather Buy 2 November 23,367,370 $1,869,390 Rights Issue
TUA Tuas David Teoh Buy 3 November 7,190,590 $5,321,037 On market
OPY Openpay Michael Eidel Buy 30 October 43,000 $117,240 On market
CMM Capricorn Metals Mark Clark Buy 5 November 76,978 $130,412 On market
CL8 Collaborate Stephen Hagop Abolakian Buy 30 October 108,923,611 $980,312 Rights Issue
SMI Santana Minerals Norman Seckold Buy 3 November 900,000 $180,000 Placement
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Other multi-million dollar trades

Another big buyer was Benjamin Gisz of dental group Pacific Smiles (ASX:PSQ). Gisz is a representative of TDM Asset Management which bought $2.7 million more shares on market.

His colleague on Pacific Smiles’ board and at TDM, Hilton Brett, also chipped in $111,800. Their company is up 20 per cent in 12 months after falling during COVID-19 in which it was forced to wind back procedures.

But with substantial restrictions only lasting a few weeks, except in Victoria, it still recorded solid financials during reporting season.

Its net profit after tax fell 9.7 per cent, but was still in the black at $8.1m. And its patient fees generated $186.3m, only a 0.6 per cent decrease on FY19.

TPG-founder David Teoh bought $5.3 million more in shares of Tuas (ASX:TUA). Tuas is a spinoff of TPG’s Singapore operations that stayed ASX-listed after Vodafone’s acquisition of TPG (ASX:TPG).

Rounding out the list was DGR Global’s (ASX:DGR) Nicholas Mather who bought nearly $1.9 million in a rights issue. DGR is in the resources sector but it operates as an investment and advisory company for other explorers.

Its ASX listed clients include gold plays Dark Horse (ASX:DHR) and Aus Tin Mining (ASX:ANW) as well as oil play Armour Energy (ASX:AJQ).


Smaller trades

A significant proportion of the remaining trades were from tech stocks. Just falling under $1 million was a $980,312 buy from Stephen Hagop Abolakian from the ASX’s only car subscription platform Collaborate (ASX:CL8) as part of a rights issue.

Buying on market were PointsBet’s (ASX:PBH) Brett Paton again – this time $498,799 – as well as Openpay’s (ASX:OPY) Michael Eidel who bought $117,240.

Both stocks have been high flying in 2020 and both are eyeing off further growth. In PointsBet’s case it is further expansion into the US whereas OpenPay is looking at sectors its BNPL peers haven’t entered just yet.

Meanwhile, one of the newer tech stocks on the ASX is furniture-focused ecommerce retail MyDeal (ASX:MYD). The stock has retreated since its impressive opening day but is still up from its IPO price.

MyDeal chair Paul Greenberg, who founded one time high-flying ecommerce retail DealsDirect, parted with $259,200 cash for MyDeal shares.

Buying in a dividend reinvestment plan was Stephen Smith of Brisbane-based aeroplane part maker PTB Group (ASX:PTB). Smith snapped up $142,025 in shares.

Sellers included Olivers Real Foods (ASX:OLI) boss Jason Gunn who parted with $255,000 in shares and Tyro Payments’ (ASX:TYR) Paul Rickard who sold $1.1 million.

The latter trade happened after the conversion of performance rights.