Sometimes ASX small caps end up going going private again and Latin American car classifieds site Latam Autos (ASX:LAA) did just that on Friday, but not before Mike Fitzpatrick bought nearly $3m in a rights issue.

Fitzpatrick is best known as the former head of the AFL commission, but he is also a director of Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX:CCE) and Latam.

Latam exited the ASX permanently on Friday, arguing the benefits of listing a Latin America-based business in Australia did not outweigh the administrative costs.

But on its way out the company raised capital and Fitzpatrick bought more shares.

Now the only remaining Latin American classified company on the ASX is Frontier Digital Ventures (ASX:FDV).

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
JPR Jupiter Energy Geoffrey Gander Sell 23 April 811,112 $158,422 On market
ZNO Zoono Don Clarke Sell 27 April 230,000 $381,309 On market
VIA Viagold Capital Mulei Shi Buy 23 August 4,000,000 $120,000 Rights Issue
VIA Viagold Capital Longuang Shi Buy 23 August 6,000,000 $180,000 Rights Issue
OEL Otto Energy John Jetter Buy 28 April 28,940,834 $173,645 Rights Issue
AMA AMA Group Simon Moore Buy 1 May 350,000 $135,690 On market
SVM Sovereign Metals Ian Middlemas Buy 30 April 860,000 $107,000 On market
ACF Acrow Formwork and Construction Services Joshua May Sell 1 May 500,000 $120,000 Off market
ACF Acrow Formwork and Construction Services Peter Lancken Buy 1 May 500,000 $120,000 Off market
SXL Southern Cross Media Group Leon Pasternak Buy 4 May 1,184,750 $106,628 Rights Issue
LAA LatAm Autos Michael Fitzpatrick Buy 4 May 98,453,440 $2,953,603 Rights Issue
CAA Capral Phillip Jobe Buy 6 May 1,000,000 $100,000 On market
BOE Boss Resources Peter O'Connor Buy 6 May 2,800,000 $194,207 On market
OLV Otherlevels Brendan O'Kane Buy 1 May 91,233,030 $456,165 Rights Issue
OLV Otherlevels Brian Mitchell Buy 1 May 104,162,843 $520,814 Rights Issue
RNU Renascor Resources Stephen Bizzell Buy 6 May 10,000,000 $110,000 Placement
EMN Euro Manganese Marco Romero Buy 6 May 1,200,000 $132,000 Placement
EMN Euro Manganese Roman Shklanka Buy 6 May 1,000,000 $110,000 Placement
AWV Anova Metals Alasdair Cooke Buy 8 May 16,603,315 $116,223 Rights Issue
IGL IVE Group Paul & Geoff Selig Buy 5 May 1,150,000 $815,185 On market
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Benjamin Gisz Buy 1 May 696,044 $784,650 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Alexander Abrahams Buy 1 May 203,549 $229,461 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
IME ImExHS Douglas Flynn Buy 8 May 4,499,999 $135,162 On market
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COVID-19 forced the dental industry to significantly cut back its services for a month, but life is gradually returning to normal.

Benjamin Gisz and Alexander Abrahams dropped $1m between them on Pacific Smiles Group (ASX:PSQ) shares.

Oddly, Abrahams’ notice showed him as having disposed of shares even though his total number of shares has gone up.

While bug killer Zoono (ASX:ZNO) is no longer surging, it still sits nearly 2,000 per cent up in 12 months.

One of its directors, Don Clarke, sold 230,000 shares that cost him $20,000 a year ago and earned him $381,309 when he sold.

Zoono said the sale was to provide short-term funding to one of his other businesses and he would buy the shares back later on.

Brendan O’Kane and Brian Mitchell from tech play Otherlevels (ASX:OLV) bought $456,165 and $520,814 worth of shares, respectively, in the company’s rights issue.

Acrow Formwork and Construction Services’ (ASX:ACF) Joshua May sold $120,000 worth of shares directly to his colleague Peter Lancken.


Confidence in their company’s commodities

Peter O’Connor, from aspiring uranium miner Boss Resources (ASX:BOE), bought $194,207 on market. The move comes as the uranium prices climbed above $US30 ($45.91).

Uranium prices in 2020 (Picture: Bloomberg)

This is the point where managing director Duncan Craib told Stockhead earlier this year prices had to be for the industry to revive.

A commodity that has seen less of a rosy time in recent weeks is oil, with futures prices briefly turning negative. However Otto Energy’s (ASX:OEL) John Jetter bought $173,645 worth of shares in the company.

Marco Romero and Roman Shklanka from Euro Manganese (ASX:EMN) bought nearly $250,000 between them in a placement.

Alisdair Cooke from gold explorer Anova Metals (ASX:AWV), which has projects in Western Australia and Utah, bought $116,223 worth in a rights issue.

An interesting trade this week was the sale of 811,112 Jupiter Energy (ASX:JPR) shares at 19.5c per share by director Geoffrey Gander.

The Kazakhstan-focused energy play rocketed from 0.2c to as high as 30c (intraday) in just two days before being suspended by the ASX pending queries over the unusual trading activity.

The stock recommenced trading this week but retreated to 3.5c.