This fortnight’s recap of ASX directors trades included a number of sales following exercising of options and a $2.7 million buy into a South African focused manganese play

Jupiter Mines (ASX:JMS) director Brian Gilbertson bought $2.7 million in his company’s shares in an off market trade.

Manganese is the fourth-most-traded metal in the world, only trailing aluminium, iron ore and copper, and Jupiter has the largest single manganese mine in South Africa.

Production saw a slight fall in the most recent half year due to the impacts of COVID-19 and softening of manganese prices.

The company also has iron ore assets in Western Australia but is seeking to spin them out into a new IPO.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
RID Ridley Corporation Michael McMahon Buy 6 November 300,000 $250,740 On market
IDX Integral Diagnostics Chien Ho Sell 6 November 60,000 $265,500 On market
WAF West African Resources Richard Hyde Sell 9 November 2,000,000 $2,000,000 On market
JMS Jupiter Mines Brian Gilbertson Buy 9 November 10,000,000 $2,700,000 On market
MNB Minbos Resources Peter Wall Buy 6 November 66,666,667 $100,000 Placement
EOS Electro Optic Systems Ian Dennis Sell 9 November 25,000 $147,353 On market
DEG De Grey Mining Peter Hood Buy 3 November 300,000 $360,000 Placement
RMY RMA Global David Williams Buy 29 October 545,452 $120,000 Share Purchase Plan
CFO CFOAM Gary Steineperis Buy 16 November 16,860,208 $252,903 Rights Issue
ACF Acrow Formwork & Construction Services Peter Lancken Buy 13 November 328,577 $113,162 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
HLA Healthia Glen Richards Buy 10 November 1,261,333 $1,198,266 Rights Issue
ACF Acrow Formwork & Construction Margaret Prokop Buy 13 November 326,937 $112,597 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
HLA Healthia Paul Wilson Buy 10 November 870,499 $826,974 Rights Issue
TYR Tyro Payments David Fite Sell 10 November 120,000 $498,000 On market
CPT CPT Global Gerard Tuddenham Buy 16 November 742,837 $148,567 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
WWG Wiseway Group Florence & Roger Tong Buy 16 November 672,634 $162,926 On market
LTR Liontown Resources David Richards Sell 12 November 1,300,000 $328,179 On market
TNT Tesserent Kurt Hansen Buy 17 November 1,592,112 $593,062 On market
MDR MedAdvisor Joshua Swinnerton Buy 18 November 526,316 $200,000 Rights Issue
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Other buyers

Next up was Healthia (ASX:HLA) which is a “roll up” of multiple allied health businesses.

Healthia director Glen Richards bought nearly $1.2 million while his colleague Paul Wilson chipped in over $800,000 – both in a rights issue.

Peter Lancken and Margaret Prokop from construction business Acrow (ASX:ACF) both bought over $100,000 in a dividend reinvestment plan as did Gerard Tuddenham from IT consultant CPT Global (ASX:CPT).

Peter Hood, from the biggest gold success story of 2020, De Grey (ASX:DEG), bought $360,000 in the company’s most recent placement.

Another successful industry has been cybersecurity, and the success story within that success story has been Tesserent (ASX:TNT). Kurt Hansen bought just over $593,000 on market.

The company says the study met its objectives and is now eyeing commercialisation.

CFOAM (ASX:CFO), a company that makes carbon foam products from coal, saw Gary Steineperis chip in just over $250,000.



A high proportion of sellers this week sold shares after exercising options and consequently having to pay a tax bill.

The biggest sale came from was Richard Hyde of West African Resources (ASX:WAF), who parted with $2 million in shares.

Liontown Resources (ASX:LTR) director David Richards sold just over $328,000 in shares and Electro Optic Systems (ASX:EOS) director Ian Dennis sold $147,000.

Selling on market without exercising options were David Fite of fintech payments platform Tyro (ASX:TYR), who parted with $498,000 of shares while Integral Diagnostics’ (ASX:IDX) Chien Ho parted with $265,600.