The past fortnight has seen another interesting list of buyers and sellers.

Angel Seafood (ASX:AS1) CEO Issac Lee Halman had to sell $195,000 in shares to pay a tax bill. The company said he had no other choice because the majority of his assets were company shares.

But rather than sell on market, Halman sold the package of shares direct to Angel Seafood chairman Tim Goldsmith at a premium to the 30-day volume weighted average price.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
AMA AMA Group Simon Moore Buy 6 May 350,000 $132,250 On market
DCN Dacian Gold Leigh Junk Buy 8 May 383,508 $115,052 Rights Issue
DCN Dacian Gold Barry Patterson Buy 8 May 2,005,333 $601,600 Rights Issue
KGD Kula Gold Michael Soucik Sell 8 May 10,701,425 $214,029 Off market
PAR Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Graeme Kaufman Sell 8 May 184,216 $423,697 Off market
PAR Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Paul Rennie Sell 8 May 4,131,568 $9,502,606 Off market
WPP WPP Robert Mactier Buy 11 May 422,036 $107,619 On market
BUB Bubs Australia Kirsty Carr Sell 6 May 3,141,000 $3,010,020 On market
GRR Grange Resources Honglin Zhao Buy 11 May 1,224,708 $280,412 On market
CHN Chalice Gold Mines Timothy Goyder Sell 14 May 10,000,000 $10,500,000 On market
MX1 Micro-X Patrick O'Brien Buy 13 May 1,640,729 $229,702 Rights Issue
SVY Stavely Minerals Chris Cairns Sell 15 May 300,000 $121,518 On market
ADH Adairs Kiera Grant Buy 15 May 106,000 $150,340 On market
AMA AMA Group Simon Moore Buy 15 May 677,185 $300,440 On market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Paul Dwyer Buy 19 May 210,000 $500,332 On market
AS1 Angel Seafood Tim Goldsmith Buy 20 May 1,500,000 $195,000 Off market
AS1 Angel Seafood Issac Lee Halman Sell 20 May 1,500,000 $195,000 Off market
KGN Kogan Harry Debney Buy 19 May 12,000 $100,799 On market
JMS Jupiter Mines Brian Gilbertson Buy 21 May 1,283,226 $364,034 On market
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The largest trade of the week was Timothy Goyder parting with over $10m of Chalice Gold Mines (ASX:CHN) shares. Chalice has been one of 2020’s most successful small caps on the ASX with its Julimar nickel discovery.

Demand was that hot for its $30m capital raising that Chalice got $75m in applications.

Goyder sold to some of the institutions that missed out. But he still owns over 12 per cent of Chalice and told shareholders he was still committed to the company and excited about its prospects.

Also selling to pay a tax bill was Bubs Australia (ASX:BUB) CEO Kirsty Carr, Stavely Minerals (ASX:SVY) chairman Chris Cairns and Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals (ASX:PAR) chief Paul Rennie. Rennie’s $9.5m trade was a block trade to institutional shareholders.



The biggest buy of the week came from Dacian Gold’s (ASX:DCN) Barry Patterson, who parted with just over $600,000 to participate in Dacian’s rights issue.

His colleague Leigh Junk joined in as well to the tune of $115,052 and the company raised over $98m.

South Australian x-ray maker Micro-X (ASX:MX1) also topped up its coffers this month and Patrick O’Brien chipped in $229,702.

While many stocks that fell in February and March have not recovered, online retailer Kogan (ASX:KGN) has. It is also substantially up in the longer term — over 500 per cent in three years.

Director Harry Debney bought just over $100,000 worth of Kogan shares on market last week.

South Africa-focused manganese play Jupiter Mines (ASX:JMS) was stopped flat in its tracks during April due to South Africa’s lockdown. It lasted almost the entire month and laws were among the most strict in the world — citizens were not even allowed out to exercise.

But now Jupiter can recommence operations and last week Brian Gilbertson bought over $360,000 worth of shares in the company.