The past fortnight has been quieter for ASX directors trades but two trades from Malaysian directors of United Overseas Australia (ASX:UOS) made up $38 million of the total.

United Overseas Australia is a Malaysian property group founded in 1987 and majority owned by Kong Choon Song and Kong Pak Lim.

According to Forbes, the pair are both in the top 50 richest people in Malaysia with the former at No 36 with US$455 million in wealth and the latter at 50 with US$315 million.

Both participated in a dividend reinvestment plan, which allows shareholders to buy more shares with their dividends. Kong Choon Song received $21.58 million in shares while Kong Pak Lim received $16.55 million.

Also participating was May Chee Kong who bought $1.87 million, while Teo Chee Seng only took $3,554 and Alan Winduss received $18,161.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
ZNO Zoono Paul Hyslop Sell 3 June 7,000,000 $4,851,000 On market
WHC Whitehaven Coal George Zage III Buy 4 June 350,000 $589,750 On market
CTE Cryosite Andrew Kroger Buy 4 June 473,325 $170,209 On market
QGL Quantum Graphite Bruno Ruggiero Buy 4 June 2,076,923 $135,000 Placement
UOS United Overseas Australia Kong Chong Soon Buy 4 June 25,948,442 $21,584,127 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
UOS United Overseas Australia Kong Pak Lim Buy 4 June 22,755,937 $16,554,942 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
UOS United Overseas Australia May Chee Kong Buy 4 June 2,571,615 $1,870,848 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
NET Netlinkz James Tsiolis Buy 9 June 23,143,659 $578,591 On market
TFL TasFoods Roger McBain Sell 11 June 2,530,000 $341,550 Off market
MLG MLG Murray Leahy Sell 8 June 2,000,000 $2,000,000 On market
AIR Astivita Lev Mizikovsky Buy 10 June 4,219,620 $3,038,126 Rights Issue
ARC Australian Rural Capital James Jackson Buy 15 Jun 510,000 $107,100 Rights Issue
BC8 Black Cat Syndicate Paul Chapman Buy 18 June 597,015 $400,000 Placement
BC8 Black Cat Syndicate Philip Crutchfield Buy 18 June 1,492,537 $1,000,000 Placement
IVT Inventis Anthony Mankarios Buy 15 June 53,279,828 $479,518 Rights Issue
VRC Volt Resources Asimwe Kabunga Buy 16 June 40,000,000 $600,000 Placement
VRX Venturex Resources Michael McMullen Buy 17 June 5,762,712 $461,017 Placement
MGT Magnetite Mines Peter Schubert Options 4 June 5,297,782 $264,889 Conversion
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Graphite is back?

Two other notable traders came from some of the few ASX companies still involved in graphite.

Although graphite is a battery metal and many other battery metals have gained the uptake in electric vehicles, many stocks suffered from the US-China trade war as well as Tanzania’s regulatory changes in 2018.

But there have been signs of life in the sector and in certain companies in recent weeks. One was Volt Resources (ASX:VRC) which is buying 70 per cent of a Ukraine-based graphite business which immediately took it to the production stage.

Asimwe Kabunga, who belongs to Volt, bought $600,000 in a placement.

Another is Quantum Graphite (ASX:QGL), which spent three years last decade in securities purgatory but has resumed exploration at its South Australian project.

Quantum chairman Bruno Ruggiero bought $135,000 in a placement.


Other ASX directors trades

Other buyers included Lev Mizikovsky of Astivita (ASX:AIR). His company manufactures a brand of zinc-based sunscreen and he chipped $3 million into his company’s rights issue.

Aspiring gold producer Black Cat Syndicate (ASX:BC8) saw two directors chip into its capital raising – Philip Crutchfield bought $1 million and Paul Chapman bought $400,000.

Coal miner Whitehaven (ASX:WHC) welcomed a $589,750 buy from hedge fund manager George Zage III.

Whitehaven has had a mixed run of late. Despite multiple production downgrades, the share price has held up thanks to the strong performance in coal prices in recent weeks.

And Michael McMullen from copper play Venturex (ASX:VXR) bought $461,017 in a placement.

One options trade was made by Magnetite Mines (ASX:MGT) executive chairman Peter Schubert who acquired nearly 5.3 million shares through a option conversion for a consideration of $264,889.

The entire option conversion saw 85 per cent of the quoted 31 May options exercised raising 7.52 million in fresh capital for the company.