At Paradigm, we firmly believe that the key to addressing unmet medical needs lies in unlocking the potential of forgotten compounds. Our strategy is to take unconventional routes to develop safe and effective treatments for clinical conditions that lack viable options.

Our current primary focus is the development of injectable pentosan polysulfate sodium (iPPS/Zilosul®), for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA). An ability to provide a safe an effective treatment for OA is a blockbuster market opportunity as there are limited therapeutic solutions available. We’ve charged ahead into global phase 3 trials, addressing the core components of the disease: inflammation, pain, and regeneration. Zilosul® possesses the remarkable potential to provide long-term pain reduction and modify the underlying course of this debilitating disease.

With our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and strategic offices in the European Union and the United States, Paradigm is poised to make a global impact. Our international presence reflects our commitment to delivering ground breaking treatments to patients worldwide.


  • Paul Rennie, Chairman and Managing Director

    With a wealth of expertise spanning decades, Mr. Rennie possesses a profound understanding of the intricate process of transforming intellectual property into successful commercial ventures. His track record attests to his exceptional ability to navigate the complex landscape of IP commercialisation, making him a formidable force in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Dr Donna Skerrett, Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Skerrett plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of medicine. Boasting over three decades of experience in transfusion medicine, cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. Her insights and experience are instrumental in guiding the next generation of medicine. Dr. Skerrett’s enduring dedication to healthcare and her extensive background make her a true luminary in her field.

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  • Simon White, Director of Investor Relations

    Mr. White brings a blend of talents and experiences to his current position. His career journey thus far seamlessly weaves together a background in equity capital markets and the financial services sector, which he honed through roles in Corporate Advisory at DELCOR, a prominent Melbourne-based Family Office, and Institutional Sales at Sequoia Wealth Management. Notably, his professional journey is complemented by a significant chapter as a high-performance athlete, during which he dedicated eight years of his life as a professional footballer.

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