Botala Energy is an innovative and forward-looking exploration and development company. Our mission is to enable a successful, secure and sustainable energy future for Botswana. Established in 2018, Botala is exploring and developing, the Serowe Gas Project, in Botswana and Solar Opportunities. Our current operations are centralised around our coal bed methane (CBM) projects; with the potential for new and exciting renewable projects in the future.

We listed on the ASX 12-months ago; our development and growth over the past year has been significant. We have grown our commercial pilot programme and made a positive progression towards our renewable energy goals. We are aiming to create sustainable, environmental and economic benefits for a wide range of stakeholders and shareholders. This includes increasing the supply and reliability of Botswana’s energy supply and reducing the cost of the domestic energy. Our aspiration is to remove the need for Botswana to import external energy and creating a revenue stream through the export of cleaner electricity by the sale of gas.


  • Dr Wolf Martinick | Director and Chairman

    Wolf is an agronomist and environmental scientist with over four decades experience in addressing the environmental and social aspects of oil and gas exploration and mining. He has worked as a managing director, chairman, and non-executive director on several ASX and AIM listed companies.

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  • Mr Kris Martinick | Chief Executive Officer

    Kris has over 15 years’ experience in oil and gas field development and processing plants. He has held senior management positions for projects and operations in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Kris has also worked for several private Perth-based companies as a non-executive director.

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  • Mr Craig Basson | Director, CFO and Company Secretary

    Craig has over three decades experience in auditing, accounting, and financial management in mineral resources and agricultural industries. Recently he has focused on start-up companies and is passionate about the process to list high growth companies.

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