1414 Degrees (ASX:14D) makes large scale energy storage for networks and industries. Its combined heat and power (CHP) solutions fill a critical gap in energy storage.

SiBox, its Thermal Energy Storage technology, is set to reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of renewable generation and stabilising grid supply. 1414 Degrees technology will make energy more reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly by harnessing silicon to provide very high temperature storage and regeneration.  

Silicon’s very high melting point, 1414° Celsius,  and high energy density  means it can hold much more energy than other phase change materials. It delivers maximum energy efficiency. 

SiBox stores renewable energy and supplies both heat and electricity in the proportions required by consumers. It is unique in its combination of low cost, flexibility of location, scalability, and sustainability. 

It transforms intermittent renewable electricity by providing reliability and stability to grids identical to that of a coal or gas fired power station. 

The result is low cost and clean storage of energy providing a stable supply of heat for consumers and electricity to the grid – a critical requirement for increasing renewable generation. 


  • Matt-Squire

    Matthew Squire, Chief Executive Officer

    Matt has been in the energy sector for over 20 years working for Australian and international publicly listed companies including Beach Energy, QGC, BG Group, Santos and Origin Energy, and held many in senior leadership roles. Prior to joining 1414 Degrees he was General Manager – Corporate Development and Strategy for Beach Energy with responsibility for business growth and development. Matt has extensive experience in the oil and gas, power generation and broader energy sector and, in particular, has led and managed large energy transactions in Australia. Matt holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and Bachelor of Economics from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment.

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  • Jordan Parham

    Dr Jordan Parham, Chief Operating Officer

    Jordan has successfully led teams to deliver local, national and international projects. During his time at FCT Combustion, he engineered and managed complete burner solutions for mineral processing customers and rose to become CEO of its Asia-Pacific operations. Along the way he was also instrumental in delivering some of the most watched flame effects in history, such as the Athens Olympic Cauldron and Rings of Fire effect. He now oversees the management of a broad engineering and technical team. Along with his experience as an engineer Jordan brings a unique combination of technical, strategic, business and leadership skills to the role. Jordan has a strong interest and track record in developing clean thermal energy technology and a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector in Australia and globally. Jordan holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Project Management, and has completed the Advanced Management Program at the University of Melbourne Business School.

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  • Mahesh Venkataraman

    Dr Mahesh Venkataraman, Technology Manager

    Mahesh has more than 10 years of research and development experience in cutting-edge technological research in the area of high temperature materials, thermal storage, solar thermochemistry and renewable energy integration. He has worked at world-renowned academic institutions including the Australian National University, University of Connecticut and Monash University, and has active collaborations with several universities and national labs in Australia and overseas. Mahesh has a strong interest and track record in developing a wide array of renewable energy technologies including thermal energy storage, supercritical water gasification, solid-oxide fuel cells, green steel and renewable hydrogen production with a key focus on materials compatibility and system integration. At 1414 Degrees, he is leading the engineering and R&D teams in the design and manufacture of a reliable, robust and high efficiency thermal storage. Mahesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Monash University.

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  • Maretta Layton

    Maretta Layton, Business Development & Marketing Manager

    Maretta has over 20 years’ experience in marketing and business development. Prior to joining 1414 Degrees she spent time in the UK managing marketing, communications and partnerships in the travel industry. Her experience spans further into business development and marketing with focus in product development, content management and direct sales. She is also highly apt in project and strategic planning, marketing strategy and account management. Maretta understands the importance of facilitating positive and productive discussions to reach outcomes that serve client needs.   

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