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In this episode, Justin talks with Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of content security company Votiro.

Votiro is a subsidiary of ASX-listed company Senetas (ASX: SEN), and the main focus of a recently announced $5m capital raise. Votiro is on a mission to create a world free of cyber threats, where emails can be opened without worrying about what’s inside.

Through its Votiro Cloud service, the company is taking a unique approach to security. Its patented technology intercepts and deconstructs all files sent to an organisation allowing it to clean the files of known and unknown threats before they reach their destination, and only allow known-good elements to reach the endpoint.

Weaponised files are by far the most common and evasive attack vector into businesses of all sizes, and from there they are held to ransom, often for millions of dollars.

Disarming these files, thus preventing attacks from landing on the endpoints, is a huge step in cyber defense, and promises a future where cybercriminals find it much harder to prosper.