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Host Justin Kelly, former broadcast journalist and PR veteran, chats with leaders from across Australia and internationally on business strategy; what it takes to build a successful company; how to overcome challenges, and advice for those on a similar journey.

In this episode, Justin talks with Reuben Hanson, CEO of Sable Rubber Technologies.

Sable Rubber Technologies is a pioneer in the rubber recycling industry and is changing the way the world interacts with rubber – transforming it into a circular resource. 

With over two decades of dedicated research and process refinement, Sable Rubber has established itself as a technology-driven company, committed to accelerating the transformation of the global rubber supply chain towards sustainability.

Known for its innovation in producing pure rubber, free from heavy metals, the company’s processes significantly reduce the dependency on virgin rubber. Sable’s approach not only addresses the critical challenges in tyre waste management by eliminating heavy metal contaminants and harmful chemicals, but also broadens its application across industries such as road construction, agriculture, and mining.

With a vision rooted in efficiency, sustainability, and economic viability, Sable Rubber Technologies is redefining the future of rubber recycling.