• ASX CEOs should embrace the ‘Warrior Mindset’ for mental focus and overcoming obstacles
  • Harness visualisation techniques to realise company vision and goals
  • Prioritise personal wellbeing and work-life balance for leadership success


Whether steering a corporate turnaround or mentoring elite athletes, Jacob Galea has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most influential and sought-after transformation coaches.

With a black belt in karate and over 20 years of experience across sales, marketing, strategy, and business operations roles, Galea’s unique perspective is highly valued by CEOs and entrepreneurs seeking to unlock new levels of success.

Having worked with top brass at major ASX-listed companies and professional athletes in codes like the NFL and A-League, Galea’s martial arts background has honed zen teachings and mental discipline strategies that have translated exceptionally to the business world.

So what learnings could this modern-day corporate sensei impart to CEOs across the ASX? Here’s a look at five potential lessons:

1) Embrace the ‘warrior’ mindset. At the core of Galea’s philosophy is developing an ‘inner warrior’ – the relentless drive, mental focus, and commitment to continual self-improvement required to overcome any obstacle.

Too often, CEOs can become complacent or allow their companies to be weighed down by legacy thinking. Galea’s methods, anchored in martial arts principles, are about sharpening the mind to think clearly and make tough decisions in adversity.

As he’s shared: “Stepping into your greatness begins with unlocking your inner warrior.”

2) Harness the power of visualisation. From elite athletes to top-performing salespeople, visualisation is a technique the world’s most successful individuals use to realise their goals.

Galea’s specialised hypnotherapy and subconscious mind ‘rewiring’ methods are designed to help CEOs clearly envision their company’s desired future and take the necessary steps to turn that vision into reality.

Former clients have reported significant revenue growth and market expansion after embracing visualisation under Galea’s guidance.

3) Nurture innovation through personal branding. CEOs must have a distinct leadership voice and strategic branding approach in a crowded market to stand out.

Galea teaches executives to view themselves as entrepreneurs and their company visions as personal brands to cultivate and nurture. By defining and living by a personal brand ethos built around innovation and continual self-improvement, CEOs can more effectively inspire their team and stay ahead of competitors.

As he puts it: “The power of your brand is key to achieving success.”

4) Master the ‘magic’ of mentoring. You need to be an exceptional mentor and sounding board to get to Galea’s level. A big part of his value-add is providing CEOs with an expert third-party perspective to reality-check decisions and facilitate difficult conversations. That trusted mentor relationship is invaluable for leaders dealing with intense corporate pressures.

As the adage goes: “Everyone could use a coach” – even those at the very top.

5) Prioritise personal well-being. For the high-performing CEOs and entrepreneurs under his guidance, Galea emphasises the importance of prioritising personal health and wellness as a foundation for professional success.

A proponent of work-life balance and finding inner peace through practices like meditation, he helps clients identify and address areas of stress or unhappiness that could hinder their leadership abilities.

As Galea has said: “The best investment you can make is in yourself – and it all starts with the mind.”

From embracing innovation to visualising future growth and maintaining personal well-being, Australia’s top CEOs could learn several tricks and tips from elite coaches like Jacob Galea.

At a time when inspired leadership is greatly needed to navigate today’s rapidly changing business landscape, a little martial arts wisdom is precisely what the doctor ordered for the corporate world.


This article was developed in collaboration with Jacob Galea, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.