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In this episode, Justin talks with Robert Yearsley, co-founder and CEO of groundbreaking, med-tech start up, ARIA Research.

ARIA Research says that its Augmented Reality in Audio is a breakthrough bionic device that helps people who are blind or low vision overcome the barriers of the sight-centric world, by delivering a form of technologically-enhanced human echolocation that is designed to enable blind users to perceive their surroundings in precise detail.

Additionally, the company says ARIA provides blind users an immersive and detailed real-time perception of their immediate environment, enabling a new level of agency and autonomy to meet the world on their own terms.

Over the past three years, ARIA has has been developed in collaboration with University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Blind Citizens Australia and World Access for the Blind Australia with the support of the Australian Federal Government.

ARIA is noninvasive, nonsurgical, and applicable to all forms of blindness regardless of underlying cause. It also begins clinical trials later in 2024.