Cell therapy stock Orthocell (ASX: OCC) rose 377 per cent last Tuesday. Incredible by any stretch of the imagination.

Plenty of medical stocks are ‘make-or-break’, hinging on one drug or device and whether or not it works. Orthocell’s CelGro technology, which aims to help patients with damaged nerves regain sensation and muscle function, passed its test with flying colours.

This led to a frenzy of buyers that sent it up over four times its previous closing price.

Not only is Orthocell the biggest single day gain so far in 2019 but it is the largest since Stockhead launched in July 2017.

But this gain does not come close to the 10-year’s records. Stockhead analysis has tracked down the top nine one-day gains this decade.

The largest one day gainers this decade…

The biggest gain was Stemcell (ASX: SCU) which on March 14 2017 entered into what was then the hot sector of the ASX – cannabis. The stock rose 3054 per cent in one day.

Where is Stemcell now? Its share price is almost back where it started as it is living off capital raises and lagging similar companies somewhat in commercialising and distributing cannabis products.

Of course there are no shortage of cannabis small caps on the ASX and some have been doing well. But as the ASX’s ‘hottest sector’, it’s been overtaken by buy now pay later stocks.

The only stock on this list that rose off the back of any agreement was Orcoda (ASX ODA), then known as SmartTrans, which signed an MOU with China Mobile. The agreement provided for its platform to be used in China Mobile’s user base. It gained 660 per cent in one day.

But it did not work out. Now the company has completely divested from China and left with a $4.1 million trade debt which only Friday announced it had given up on pursuing.  It’s still a tech company but focused on data rather than mobile.

GPS Alliance Holdings (ASX: GPS) spiked off news it was negotiating to form a joint-venture in Singapore that was leaked to the Business Times.

The company then came out and confirmed it was in negotiations, despite the exemption incomplete negotiations have from Listing Rule 3.1 (requiring immediate disclosure of price sensitive information).

Two months later the company spun off a subsidiary and sold it to a Singaporean firm for this purpose.

Three stocks on this list rose despite no news on the day of their surge – Sagalio Energy (ASX: SAN), Sterling Plantation (ASX: SBI) and Resource Base (ASX: RBX); although the latter can be explained by a consolidation.

Mission NewEnergy (ASX: MBT) rose on the very day it announced a company ‘transformation’. It had sold a refinery and repaid all its $25 million debt while retaining a joint-venture interest it had.

While all these companies had game-changing events that led to the stocks rising by several hundred percentage points, they were all different.

But as this author found last week, the most likely way to see percentage gains in the thousands is long-term holding. Nevertheless, the share price still will depend on the hard work of the company and its employees, adoption by customers and perhaps a bit of luck.

Code Company Date Price pre-surge Price post-surge % Gain Reason
SCU STEMCELL 14-MARCH 2017 0.0117 0.37 3054 Industry Shift
MBT MISSION NEWENERGY 19-FEBRUARY 2015 0.010 0.26 2500 'Transformation'
ODN ODIN ENERGY 24-NOVEMBER 2015 0.065 1.04 1500 Industry Shift
SAN SAGALIO ENERGY 17 MAY 2016 0.007 0.1 1328 Unclear
RBX RESOURCE BASE 5 MAY 2017 0.006 0.085 1317 Consolidation
SBI STERLING PLANTATION 16 APRIL 2018 0.01 0.10 900 Unclear
GPS GPS ALLIANCE HOLDINGS 13 MAY 2015 0.02 0.17 750 Speculation
ODA ORCODA 29 JANUARY 2010 0.29 2.76 660 Deal with China Mobile
CBH CHONGHERR INVESTMENTS 21 SEPTEMBER 2015 0.003 0.021 600 Financial
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