For all the investors that gain when their stock goes up several times, there are thousands more people wondering where they can make the same kind of gains.

Some will say it’s luck, others will say it’s some emerging industry that on one hand is visible enough to capture customers quickly through superior service; the other silent enough so competitors don’t even see the threat until it’s too late.

This week we’ve seen cell therapy play Orthocell (ASX: OCC) skyrocket from 9 cents to 51 cents in a single day – a 377 per cent gain. Why? The Phase III clinical trial of its CelGro technology found that it helps patients with damaged nerves regain sensation and muscle function.

We’ve also seen buy now pay later stock Splitit (ASX: SPT) surge from 20 cents to $2 in 6 weeks after its IPO. While it has now fallen back to $1, gaining five times your IPO price is still impressive.

But these still rank nowhere compared to the biggest gainers on the ASX in the last decade.

Stockhead analysis has found 43 stocks that in 10 years have gained 1000 per cent or more.

While we normally don’t cover large caps, ex-small caps gone big are an occasional exemption. Nevertheless, of these stocks, nearly a third of them still have market capitalisations of $500 million or under.

Patience pays off

The biggest gainer is Northern Star Resources (ASX: NST), which listed in 2003 and only raised $5 million at its IPO. In early 2009, in the immediate aftermath of the GFC, the company’s share price was under 2 cents and it only had $82,000 cash left.

But acquisitions of multiple gold projects and positive production figures have led to the company being one of the biggest resource explorers on the ASX with a market cap of $5 billion.

The one other stock that has gained over 10,000 per cent in 10 years only has a market cap of $543 million – Audio Pixels Holdings (ASX: AKP).

Unlike Northern Star, it has not had substantial revenue growth. Ten years ago it had only made $185,000 in the previous half year and in 2018 only made $89,961 in full year revenue.

However it has continued to develop loudspeakers and declared to investors earlier this year it was now “poised to revolutionise the loudspeaker market”.

Among the list you would find familiar names such as Dominos (ASX: DMP) and Webjet (ASX: WEB) whose stories tell themselves.

One notable member was online lottery business Jumbo Interactive (ASX: JIN). Its long term gains have allowed founder & CEO Mike Veverka to make $17.7 million from exercising lower priced options and then selling shares.

The bottom line from all this? Sometimes patience isn’t just a virtue, it can be a cash cow.

CodeNamePrice in May 2009Price (8 May)Market CapReturn
NST NORTHERN STAR RESOURCES LTD0.0198.845582440960447.3384
AKP AUDIO PIXELS HOLDINGS LTD0.1019.22543959040191.1
MFG MAGELLAN FINANCIAL GROUP LTD0.4444.53780424448099.16
JIN JUMBO INTERACTIVE LTD0.2416.2999273766466.91
ALU ALTIUM LTD0.531.45413068979261.9
AMA AMA GROUP LTD0.0191.1964907744061.63
MNF MNF GROUP LTD0.094.2030830860844.56
HIT HITECH GROUP AUSTRALIA LTD0.0270.973690850034.92
NEA NEARMAP LTD0.0753.55159842150446.33
GEM G8 EDUCATION LTD0.102.9132018444826.62
SFR SANDFIRE RESOURCES NL0.176.8105947040042.67
BRG BREVILLE GROUP LTD0.7418.69244319027223.59
SNL SUPPLY NETWORK LTD0.263.8915856217612.96
VTG VITA GROUP LTD0.0871.5925857297616.64
SYR SYRAH RESOURCES LTD0.0351.1639250112033.16
PME PRO MEDICUS LTD0.7118.68192415872024.59
GOR GOLD ROAD RESOURCES LTD0.0320.9482968851230.63
PNV POLYNOVO LTD0.0341.0266439347236.59
CCP CREDIT CORP GROUP LTD1.2223.06125594675221.39
TPM TPG TELECOM LTD0.286.02563181568023.07
CYL CATALYST METALS LTD0.0821.7313648393622.07
REA REA GROUP LTD4.8080.461058722713617.58
EOL ENERGY ONE LTD0.101.753920798816.5
GLB GLOBE INTERNATIONAL LTD0.151.696986653611.96
DMP DOMINO'S PIZZA ENTERPRISES L2.9840.74348530534412.56
WEB WEBJET LTD1.3416.58224284057614.02
LIC LIFESTYLE COMMUNITIES LTD0.3755.6758336185618.51
SAR SARACEN MINERAL HOLDINGS LTD0.1752.92239519360016.62
TNE TECHNOLOGY ONE LTD0.748.43267649177610.95
MWR MGM WIRELESS LTD0.264.034826302814.21
FNP FREEDOM FOODS GROUP LTD0.375.06124083456012.8
INR IONEER LTD0.0120.1928024688014.08
VOC VOCUS GROUP LTD0.353.86240193843213.2
NAN NANOSONICS LTD0.324.64139182489613.22
EML EML PAYMENTS LTD0.162.0651552243212.42
ZEN ZENITH ENERGY LTD/AU0.0450.595782000019.33
CIA CHAMPION IRON LTD0.01952.40103672742419.33
RRL REGIS RESOURCES LTD0.0454.45223442764810.57