ROOTS is securing protection for its intellectual property in the US, considered one of the world’s most lucrative agricultural markets.

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) has secured a design patent with the United States Patent Office (USPO) for its unique Heat Exchange Probe (HEP) technology.

USPO has granted United States Design Application No. 35/513,369 under the designation ‘Adapter for Pipe Joints’, following recent patent approval in Canada under the same designation.

ROO said the patent provides intellectual property protection for similar designs of heat exchangers and root zone temperature optimization products in the US agriculture market, for a period of 15 years.

Strengthening market position in UAE

ROO has also strengthened its market position in the United Arab Emirates with the completion of a second HEPs supply agreement with EliteAgro, a leading UAE-based agricultural company.

HEPS were installed across a 1.6 hectare greenhouse with 9,000 coffee plants, for EliteAgro’s Coffee House Murmum Project.

The second coffee project was commissioned in the wake of beneficial results from the first HEPS supply agreement, which has now been operating for eight months.

ROO’s technology has a major opportunity to mitigate the growing risk associated with climate change of coffee production.

Recent studies have shown that climate change has the risk of reducing global Arabica  coffee production by 45.2% and worldwide Robusta production by 23.5%. Revenue generated from the project was US$105,000  (~A$158,000).

Via data obtained from the first deployment of the technology, Elite Agro confirmed that it was able to maintain stable root zone temperatures at  20°C,  while  inside  greenhouse temperatures reached over 40°C.

The results confirmed the capacity of the HEPs technology to maintain root zone area temperatures in a favourable growing range, which is significantly lower than air temperature in the region.

Building growth in target markets

With a strong  track  record now established in the UAE,  ROO hopes to secure  additional orders in the region soon given the importance of agri-tech solutions to build commercial agriculture operations in a warm desert climate.

ROO CEO Boaz Wachtel said North America was also a major target market.

“Roots continues to strengthen its intellectual property portfolio, securing a major design patent in the most lucrative Agricultural market in the world – the USA,” he said.

“With new patents coming online  we continue to build value with cutting edge products  that  will  help  farmers  increase  production, save energy, and become more profitable,” he said.

“In addition,  the UAE now offers a commercial project pipeline through ongoing business development and demonstration opportunities for the HEP systems.”

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