Emerge Gaming is bringing its “revolutionary media gaming platform” to Australia next month, and shareholders boosted the company’s shares by 33 per cent on the news.

Once a base metals miner by the name of Arrowhead Resources, Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) has spent the last year pivoting into the attractive esports and gaming markets.

It operates ArcadeX, which it describes as an “online esports, casual gaming tournament platform and lifestyle hub” that brings together gamers of all varieties over mobiles, consoles and computers.

Back in September last year it integrated that platform with a major African telco network following an initial pilot of the technology in South Africa.

Emerge will launch ArcadeX in Australia and other “tier one” countries next month, making good on some of the promises it outlined in a “roadmap for accelerated distribution” earlier this month.

Shares hit 1.2c, their highest point in nearly six months.

Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) shares over the past year.

The company went to great lengths to thank advertising and brand agency Meerkats (no, not that one) for their help in bootstrapping the launch, which will be followed by a national roadshow to get corporate support.

“After achieving outstanding brand engagement and user engagement results in our pilot in South Africa, Emerge Gaming has carefully refined the ArcadeX platform in partnership with Meerkats and other leading Australian brands to deliver what will be a revolutionary media platform for advertisers to engage with the massive casual gaming market,” Emerge CEO Greg Stevens said.

“Our focus is now on the March launch and rollout of advertising packages to major advertising agencies and clients in Australia and I look forward to sharing results with shareholders in coming months.”

Gavin Bain, chief of Meerkat, predicted ArcadeX would grow quickly in Australia.

“Meerkats was engaged by Emerge Gaming to optimize the advertising environment within the ArcadeX gaming platform to provide gamers maximum impact with minimum gaming disruption,” he said.

“Australian brands will have a first to market opportunity to build bespoke branded games, partner for branded engagement opportunities within the variety of tournament style gaming environments and deliver creative messaging to a hard to reach audience as part of a programmatic schedule.

“The ArcadeX game environment will grow quickly as it has in the South African market already, so we’ve been excited to be involved in its Australian development.”