Little known fact: Netflix has existed for 21 years. It was founded in 1997 as an online-only DVD rental store.

GameCloud, technology owned by a Singaporean company called Cloudzen that allows you to stream and play video games over the cloud, is nowhere near as old, but mobile gaming company Emerge Gaming says it is the “Netflix of gaming”.

Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) itself has only existed for 10 months — it underwent a $5 million backdoor listing via Arrowhead Resources last year to commercialise its ArcadeX computer game platform.

It signed an MoU with Cloudzen in October last year to explore opportunities, and today Emerge revealed its “roadmap for accelerated distribution” of the GameCloud technology for 2019.

The companies have paired the ArcadeX and GameCloud platforms and the resulting technology, aptly titled ArcadeX with GameCloud, will be rolled out across Australia, the US and South Africa.

Timelines for the rollout are vague, with Emerge referring only to “Year 1” for the aforementioned countries followed by all of Africa, South America, India and the UK to follow in “Year 2”.

It excited investors nonetheless, who boosted the company’s shares from all-time lows of 0.6c to 0.8c.

Emerge Gaming (ASX:EM1) shares since backdoor listing last year.

“GameCloud is regarded as the ‘Netflix of gaming’ as it offers simple and instant streaming of hundreds of high-quality 3D games for mobile devices, allowing multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking,” Emerge claims.

It says that GameCloud offers gamers who don’t wish to buy a gaming PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One access to AAA games. (AAA is an informal rating that generally denotes high-quality video games with lavish budgets produced by big name publishers.)

But a peruse of the Emerge Gaming, Cloudzen and GameCloud websites fail to name any AAA games — or any games — that would be readily playable through the technology.

Emerge failed to make any money in the December quarter and burnt $552k in cash. It has $2.4 million in the bank.