What’s the status on today’s gold market? Is there a disconnect in sector opportunities and investor appetite? And how will hopeful producers look to change that outlook?

Brightstar Resources (ASX:BTR) managing director Alex Rovira cut his teeth in resources banking and finance and is now heading up a West Australian gold developer.

BTR recently secured a $5 million placement to accelerate exploration and pre-feasibility studies at its Menzies and Laverton locations.

Joining the Stockhead TV studio, Rovira describes what he sees as a disconnect between gold’s current buoyancy and investor interest.

“It’s quite interesting when you think of a sector that has near all-time high commodity prices but investor interest is quite limited,” he says.

Stockhead’s Sarah Hughan sits down with Rovira to learn everything she needs to know about where the gold market stands today and the challenges its facing.