Stockhead’s Ashtyn Hiron sits down with Alvo Minerals (ASX:ALV) managing director Rob Smakman to close the books on 2023 and gain a sneak peek into what’s around the corner.

Smackman says 2023 was a great year for the company, starting off with one project, the Palma VMS copper and zinc dominated asset in Brazil.

“We did a lot of exploration on that project, we even made a new discovery at C4,” he says.

“Then halfway through the year we changed tact a little bit, we added a new rare earths project called Blue Bush right next door to a producing ionic clay mine, the only one outside China.

“The location of that project is really important –  we bought the project without a lot of data on it and did a lot of test work on it so it’s been a very busy year for us.”

Tune in to hear what’s coming up for Alvo Minerals in 2024.