A program of aircore drilling, testing around a historical hole which intersected 4m at 1500ppm TREO, is underway at the Lang Well Project.

Lang Well has received very little follow up work since 2010 when previous explorers identified highly anomalous lanthanum and cerium results in several holes.

Before this, several large auger anomalies in gold and samarium were identified, which was the only REE analysed at the time.

No recent further REE analysis or follow up work has been completed, which excites Miramar (ASX:M2R) executive chairman Allan Kelly.

“Given the large extent of the auger REE anomalism, the strongly elevated lanthanum and cerium results, and the lack of any systematic REE analysis, there is potential for a significant amount of shallow REE mineralisation to be outlined at Lang Well,” he says.

Review of regional data

Until now, Miramar’s review of regional radiometric data during the September 2022 quarter identified multiple linear potassium (K) anomalies which crosscut both the regional geology and topography.

Again, most of these anomalies have not been previously sampled or drilled with the linear K anomalies interpreted to represent thin pegmatite dykes, either outcropping or beneath shallow cover.




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