• Lithium Universe’s engineering study for a Québec Lithium Processing Hub progressing at record pace
  • The study is based on the Mt Cattlin plant but with addition of a flotation unit
  • Primero now generating datasheets to gather pricing details from vendors for the procurement process


Special Report: Lithium Universe says the engineering study by Primero Group on its Québec Lithium Processing Hub (QLPH) stand-alone multi-purpose concentrator is progressing at an impressive pace.

The Company’s bold strategy is to develop a 1mtpa centralised and multi-purpose spodumene concentrator in the world-class lithium jurisdiction of James Bay, Québec. To feed the QLPH Concentrator, Lithium Universe will look to enter into long-term off-take ROM contracts with regional lithium junior partners, who can supply spodumene ROM ore. This collaboration will generate early cash flow for the juniors and facilitate their mine development.


Lithium Universe ASX LU7
A concept image of Lithium Universe’s plans to feed ore into a processing hub. Pic via LU7


But it’s not just about mining – the ambitious junior also plans to travel down the value chain by processing ore into battery-grade material to address Canada’s supply chain concerns.

The design of the QLPH is anticipated to be like that of Galaxy’s Mt Cattlin plant (now run by Allkem (ASX:AKE) and producing 137,000tpa of spodumene concentrate), which LU7’s board, technical team and contractors previously worked on. Mt Cattlin also uses simple dense media separation (DMS).

The main difference will be the addition of a flotation unit which aims to create a more resilient plant capable of processing various types of ore from the James Bay, Québec region, enhancing its capacity to handle a broader range of ore types and ensuring robustness in operations.

To date, the Primero team is progressing at record speed, providing a Block Flow Diagram (BFD), Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and a Mass Balance along with Process Design Criteria (PDC), which showcase mass flows, splits, and anticipated tonnages concerning significant equipment.


Lithium Universe ASX LU7
QLPH concentrator flow sheet. Pic via LU7


Setting the stage for the DFS

The concentrator is rated at a 1 Mtpa processing rate with an assumed feed grade of 1.1% Li2O, with the output expected to be around 140,000 tpa of spodumene concentrate at a grade of around 5.5% Li2O to maximise recoveries.

“The engineering study’s progress for the QLPH stand-alone concentrator by Primero has been exceptional, setting the stage for the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS),” Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) chairman Iggy Tan says.

“Considering our listing in early August this year, the pace and quality of work demonstrated by Primero, guided by the company’s Lithium Dream Team, has been truly remarkable.

“Most companies conducting a study of this calibre typically take at least six to nine months to reach this point.”


Data sheets for vendor pricing

The team has now initiated work on the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to present a more intricate layout of equipment, process streams, instrumentation, and control logic.

Leveraging the information derived from the Mass Balance and PDC, Primero has begun generating datasheets which will serve to gather pricing details from vendors, facilitating the procurement process.

“Looking ahead, finalising equipment specifications and data sheets represents the next step, enabling us to approach suppliers for concrete pricing,” Tan said.



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