• Lithium Universe has chosen the Port of Bécancour to import spodumene to its lithium refinery, also in Bécancour
  • Spodumene feed will be sourced from within Canada as well as external locations such as Brazil, Africa or Australia
  • Delivery plan for the product involves bulk shipments, with vessels ideally carrying a cargo quantity of 30,000t of spodumene


Special Report: A port study aimed at determining the most efficient import scenario for lithium-rich spodumene supply has determined the Bécancour port in Québec, Canada, as the preferred port option.



Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) systematically evaluated the capabilities of key ports including Trois-Rivières, Sorel, Québec, Montreal and Bécancour to manage the importation and storage of spodumene.

The analysis encompassed an in-depth examination of infrastructure, specific capabilities and available equipment of each target port to ensure the selection of optimal routes and storage solutions in alignment with the project’s logistics.

Details within the logistics supply chain was also explored with a focus on offering an understanding of inherent risks and challenges linked to spodumene transportation.


Capacity to handle large volumes of cargo

The Bécancour port was chosen partly based on its ability to handle substantial volumes including capacity to host nearly 200 ships each year and over 3.6Mt of cargo annually, affirming its significance in the region’s trade and logistics landscape.

Its position halfway between Montreal and Québec City also serves as a critical link in the transportation network, providing seamless connectivity to road and rail.

Situated along the St Lawrence River, the port encompasses five berths, ranging from 150-292m in length, and includes a roll-on roll-off ramp.

Its freshwater location ensures optimal conditions for shipping activities.

The port’s year-round accessibility is facilitated by its deep-water status, with a water depth of 10.67m, accommodating large-capacity merchant vessels consistently.


Shipping capacity of up to 140,000tpa of lithium-rich spodumene

LU7 says the delivery plan for the product involves bulk shipments with vessels ideally carrying a cargo quantity of 30,000t and a minimum shipment requirement set at 10,000t per vessel.


Bécancour port in relation to LU7 lithium refinery site. Pic: Supplied (LU7)


The processing site is anticipated to consume 10,000t of spodumene every four weeks with annual transportation volumes set to be around 140,000t of spodumene.

To facilitate this logistical operation, LU7 says the spodumene will be transported to the site exclusively by road to ensure an efficient supply chain for the delivery and consumption of spodumene at the processing site.


Discussions with Port Authority

Preliminary discussions regarding the expansion of the terminal are ongoing and emphasise the port’s acknowledgement of the evolving needs of its growing customer base in the region.


Optimal transport logistics for spodumene importation. Pic: Supplied (LU7)


These discussions extend to acquiring specialised equipment, particularly bulk unloading equipment, tailored to the requirements of various companies establishing a presence in the Bécancour Industrial Park.

Discussions will soon take place with the Port Authority.



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